Creators Briefs

Brownie Pieces
Jana's Classics now has a "Just Brownies" category, offering both dough and baked brownie pieces for ice cream applications. Fudge brownie pieces with pecan are cakelike and crisp; German chocolate brownie pieces have a pronounced coconut flavor and pecans in a sweet chocolate base. Chocolate fudge brownie pieces are fudgy and chewy with a blend of cocoa powders for an intense chocolate flavor. Dough pieces are offered in fudge brownie with semi-sweet chips and smooth chocolate fudge versions. — Jana's Classics Inc., (800) 366-5262,
Get Nuts
Rich, buttery-tasting American black walnuts form the basis for traditional black walnut ice creams. High in fiber, protein and mono- and polyunsaturated fats, the nuts also combine well with ice cream flavors such as chocolate, caramel and cinnamon. — Hammons Products Co., (800) 658-0421,
Versatile Starches
The PolarTex™ line of modified starches delivers a wide range of functions in dairy products. The line helps processors improve viscosity in HTST-processed prepared cheese and cream sauces, as well as thicken and stabilize puddings without masking flavor. PolarTex products provide excellent storage and heat and shear stability when applied to yogurt and other cultured dairy products such as sour cream, cream cheese and cottage cheese. — Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties, (952) 742-6000,
Turn up the Sweet
Neohesperidin DC, a flavonoid isolated from bitter oranges, is between 1,500 and 1,800 times sweeter than sucrose. When combined with sugar alcohols and other sweeteners, it provides a synergistic sweetening effect in flavored milks, juices and other products. Foods and beverages require less sweetener, resulting in cost reductions for the processor and a more sucroselike taste for the consumer. — Flavonoid Technologies LLC, a division of The Arnhem Group, (800) 851-1052,
Thick and Chocolaty
For consistent viscosity and chocolate flavor — no matter what variations exist in the fluid milk— chocolate milk manufacturers need look no further than TIC Pretested® Dairyblend Choc 46. The stabilizer blend contains no cocoa, allowing manufacturers to increase the thickness of the beverage without altering its flavor profile. — TIC Gums Inc., (410) 273-7300,
Want S'mores?
The Campfire S'mores Crunch combination features a marshmallow flavor base, a chocolate variegating sauce and graham cookie, chocolate chip and marshmallow jumbles. Processors can create an ice cream that captures the unique taste of s'mores. — Guernsey Bel, a Kerry company, 773-927-4000,
No Gelatin Required
A whipping and stabilizing agent, bland-tasting Textrion Gel 01 allows manufactures to create ready-to-eat aerated desserts without using gelatin. Milk-based mousses made with the gel exhibit a smooth texture, fine air bubbles and proper melting behavior during consumption. The cold-dispersible gel is composed of emulsifier, vegetable fat, glucose syrup and milk protein and exhibits very little viscosity buildup during processing. — DMV International, (608) 779-7676,
Taste of the Tropics
Fruit distillates, extracts, essences, juice concentrates and purees give dairy products that tropical tang. The all-natural kosher products are GMO-free and are offered in banana, cantaloupe, coconut, guava, hibiscus, kiwi, mango, papaya, passionfruit and pineapple versions. — Arome America LLC, (908) 806-7003,
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