Liberte, Canada's renowned natural and organic yogurt brand, announced its presence in the American online community with its website launch,, and Facebook page, The websites encourage education and discussion by focusing on new products, recipes, health and nutrition, sustainable development, an informational blog and upcoming events.

"Liberte has always had a great connection with its consumers," says Simon Brisebois, brand manager for Liberte, Quebec. "A lot of our current flavors or product types were suggested by our fans, so social media communication was a natural next step for us. Our goal is to continue and increase this line of direct communication with existing and potential fans."

Liberte first started distributing its products 12 years ago in Vermont, New York, Maine and Connecticut. Now the company’s products are sold at 3,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Albertson's, Earth Origins, Tunie's, Richard's Foodporium, Chamberlin's & Nutrition S'mart, leading independent natural food stores, and now, Publix.

Liberte manufactures specialty dairy products, including yogurt, kefir and goat's milk butter. Brands include the Mediterranee line, an opulent fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt made in the purest Mediterranean tradition and popular with gourmands; Mediterranee 0% Greek yogurt, a rich and surprisingly fat-free yogurt crafted using traditional Greek methods; Liberte Plain Yogurt 2%, a culinary classic; and Goat Fresh Cheese, which is said to provide an excellent source of calcium and protein.

All Liberte yogurts are made with rBGH-free milk sourced from Vermont's Champlain Valley. Active cultures provide the products a smoother taste and creamier texture. Liberte yogurts contain no artificial sugars, fillers or preservatives.