American Key Food Products has expanded its line of natural, “clean label” ingredients distributed by the company.

American Key Food Products has expanded its line of natural, “clean label” ingredients distributed by the company. In addition to its extensive list of native starches and fibers, all of which are GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free, the company now offers arrowroot starch and native pea starch.

“As consumers increasingly choose foods with simple, natural ingredients on the label, AKFP continues to offer more native starches that may replace modified starches or simply offer new natural ingredient options,” says Mel Festejo, COO at AKFP. “Also, our native pea starch is a good substitute for native potato starch, which is currently in very short supply. And arrowroot starch is one that most people are unaware of, but has properties that make it a natural in many foods.”

Native pea starch is a viable alternative to native potato starch in several applications, and exhibits characteristics very similar to native potato starch and has neutral taste and color. Because of its higher amylase content and higher gelatinization temperature relative to corn, tapioca and potato native starches, it shows excellent stability in high temperature cooking and under variances in pH levels. It also manifests good resistance to shearing. These are characteristics normally associated with chemically-modified starches. In applications that require such characteristics, the use of native pea starch will allow for clean labeling.

“Native pea starch is a great alternative in foods such as meat and seafood products like surimi, and aseptic soups and sauces,” says Philippe Benyair, AKFP Vice President Sales. “Its good water binding and gel formation characteristics also make it useful in dairy products and bakery fillings. This pea starch also improves crispiness and volume in extruded snacks, so this is a very versatile, clean label alternative to potato starch.”

Arrowroot starch, another natural alternative, is a light starch which gelatinizes at lower temperatures than corn starch and is not weakened by acidic ingredients, AKFP says. It can be used as a thickener for acidic foods such as sweet and sour sauces. Arrowroot starch also makes clear and smooth gels and is useful in gluten-free baking.

AKFP offers its gluten-free ingredients with well-tested starter recipes and full technical support.

American Key Food Products (AKFP) has been a value-added supplier of cassava-based, potato-based and other specialty starches and flours for more than twenty years.

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