Silgan IPEC’s product portfolio includes a range of 38 millimeter dairy closures consisting of a virtually leak-proof ISO (screw-on), consumer-friendly ISS (screw on or snap-on/screw-off), industry staple lightweight ITT (tamper tail), classic 5-lead ICD (screw-on) and easy-to-apply ISC (snap on/off), all used for gallon, half-gallon and single-service HDPE and PET applications.
Silgan IPEC

SIG Combibloc is expanding its product range by adding a new screw cap - the combiCap. The new closure mechanism weighs just 1.85 grams (0.065 ounces). Less weight means fewer raw materials are used, which is good news for the environment.
SIG Combibloc Inc.

Tetra Pak unveiled a series of new closures designed to meet the diverse needs of the global beverage market - DreamCap, LightCap and HeliCap. DreamCap, an ergonomically designed closure made especially for on-the-go consumption, is aesthetically pleasing, easy to drink from, highly portable, simple to dispose of and safe. The cap’s high neck and over-the-edge design offer easy and comfortable access to the carton spout, allowing improved control of liquid flow. Meanwhile, LightCap was designed to keep plastic use and cost to a minimum, making it particularly suited for larger-sized closures, whereas HeliCap combines one-step easy opening with distinctive tamper evidence.
Tetra Pak Inc.

Portola Packaging introduced Steri-Shield liner-less plug closure technology for aseptic beverage packages, including juices, isotonics, dairy, energy drinks, milk, vitamin waters, drinkable yogurt, teas and more. These closures are compression molded using a proprietary resin blend, which includes high-density polyethylene. The end result is a lightweight closure that does stress crack, back-off, etc. during the sterilization and/or distribution process. Additionally, the structure can withstand an aseptic sterilization environment of up to 140°F. Steri-Shield plug closures can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from 38-43 millimeters, with or without a tamper-evident band.
Portola Packaging, Inc.

Elo-Cap US closure from Elopak has a special pull-ring membrane that meets advanced consumer safety requirements for fresh milk and juice. It features a bore seal for leak-free re-closure, consumer-friendly grip and seven standard colors. Elo-Cap US uses about 15% less plastic than previous caps, reducing cost and environmental impact. The Pure-Twist cap for long shelf life or aseptic products has an anti-drip lip and an integrated cutter that creates an opening the moment the cap is unscrewed.
Elopak, Inc.

H.S. Crocker’s unique two-piece lid handles and seals like the lids customers buy today, and run on equipment with no adjustments. It also offers new opportunities and ideas to bring to customers. Pick any design or shape that fits product needs for when the lid is peeled back, leaving only the custom design.
H.S. Crocker Co. Inc.

Rexam’s new stock 70 millimeter dual-dispensing closure is ideal for spooning and shaking out product. Designed for parmesan cheese, it can also be used for salad crunches, condiments, powders and products that require larger dispensing openings. Its 2-piece design is created for custom-colored top and base. The closure is designed for one hand operation, featuring stay-open hinges that lock the lids away from the product flow. 

Closure Systems International is a leading supplier of aseptic closures, earning a global reputation for excellent sealing, consumer safety and highly efficient application performance. CSI’s closure portfolio includes one- and two-piece designs to meet the varying needs of dairy customers using HDPE and/or PET bottles. Its two-piece lined caps, such as SP38D-ML, and its family of one-piece, lightweight Asepti-Lok closures ensure secure hermetic sealing and re-sealing, critical for on-the-go packages. CSI’s closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.
Closure Systems International

Spiralkote Flexible Packaging supplies a wide range of bottle-capping foils, both reel-fed and die-cut lids, under the Capsteril brand. Suitable for a wide range of bottles and containers, Capsteril is usable in sterilization, pasteurization, extended shelf-life and ultra high-temperature processes. Spiralkote also supplies Capsteril with gamma radiation treatment in airtight packaging for aseptic applications. Capsteril is supplied globally to both multi-national and local producers and meets the highest quality and hygiene demands.
Spiralkote Flexible Packaging