To meet growing demand for packaging that satisfies consumers, Clear Lam Packaging Inc. introduced several new products and technologies at the 2011 IDDBA Dairy-Deli Bake.
Clear Lam offers a wide array of plant-based materials for form-fill-seal applications, multilayer forming and lidding films. These include breathable and high-barrier materials that replace traditional petroleum-based materials and lessen environmental impact. They offer the necessary barrier properties to keep perishable foods fresh and they machine like traditional plastics. Clear Lam’s renewable packaging materials are plant-based bioplastics made from Ingeo PLA (polyactic acid) along with ingredients that enhance performance.
New Peel and ReSeal technology features a reclosable tray and lid system for added convenience and lightweighting. The easy-to-use Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film eliminates the need for rigid lids and shrink bands making the package much simpler to assemble. This new packaging is ideal for cheese and deli items.

Clear Lam Packaging Inc.