Diversey Inc.’s Complex is a specialized additive designed to penetrate dairy soils and speed up the cleaning process for dairy pasteurizers. It also offers benefits in water and effluent surcharge savings. The additive’s special formulation of surfactants and chelants reduces up to 35% of the alkaline detergent necessary for the wash cycle. A 10-minute acid rinse is required instead of a complete wash cycle, helping reduce effluent surcharge and neutralization costs. The company says this new program guarantees up to 40% time saving compared to a typical cleaning procedure.
Diversey Inc.

The TankJet 360 tank cleaning machine from Spraying Systems is used for cleaning conical and box-shaped spray dryers up to 100 feet (24.4 m) in diameter. The tank cleaner is said to provide powerful cleaning that can remove stubborn, sticky residues. The cleaner’s more-consistent impact over the entire pressure range results in better performance, the company states.
Spraying Systems

Varipure cleaning devices from GEA Tuchenhagen are manufactured for high-efficiency tank and vessel cleaning. They are designed for today’s hygienic standards in a variety of orbital and rotating cleaners. The nozzle systems are characterized by cost-effective cleaning action and are self-cleaning. They have minimal dead space and residual draining capability. With fewer parts, service time and spare parts requirements are minimized.
GEA Tuchenhagen North America

A 32-page color-coded products catalog includes bins, mats, scrapers and brushes. In addition to its standard colors, Nelson-Jameson Inc. added several items in orange. Food processors and regulators discovered that color-coding throughout a plant can prevent cross-contamination.

The new Hydrite Chemical Co. Optimax control and dispense system is designed to control, dispense and record liquid chemical products. Its dispense applications include portable containers, tank batching, product transfers, CIP and COP tanks, membrane cleaning and form washers. A digital display provides a visual readout of the dispensing status. The base unit with solenoids supports up to 10 products and records chemical use in as many as 60 areas. The dispenser provides a method of controlling and dispensing liquid products using a scale and reliable air-actuated pumps, which is ideal for container filling.
Hydrite Chemical Co.

Fogg Filler states that its new chemical supply and recovery system can help save 96-98.5% of fluid losses on a new or existing line. The system filters chemicals and water for reuse. It mixes a user’s specific chemical blend in a tank and then heats it to a prescribed temperature according to the user’s sanitation requirements. The system is capable of handling a variety of chemical blends, including acidic solutions. Depending on the chemical blend, this process can be easily monitored and controlled by the filler’s PLC to keep production running.
Fogg Filler

Remco Products added a seventh color to its line of sanitation products for use in cross-contamination and allergen-separation designations. In addition to green, blue, red, white, yellow and black, orange is now available. Made from FDA-compliant materials, these additional “total color” products will ensure that every in-plant zone or task has its own designation. Products include pails, brooms and shovels.
Remco Products