New to the Fortress Technology Phantom line of metal detectors is ICON, a touch-screen panel designed from the ground up to be backwards compatible with all Fortress Phantom metal detectors.

Using robust Quad-Core processing, the ICON delivers fast, accurate detection of metal contaminants and detailed data collection. Information such as product configurations, rejects and faults, is stored in an onboard database and accessible via USB or wired ethernet. All collected data can be exported as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF file formats. Wireless ethernet communication will be available as an option in the future.

The ICON features an intuitive graphical experience with custom-designed icons and comprehensive menus, allowing users of all skill levels to easily setup products, perform tests and produce reports.

The reports are generated by a mobile version of Fortress Technology’s Contact Communication
Software, which is already in use by several multi-national companies and has evolved to be an important part of day-to-day testing procedures, product verification for quality assurance personnel and is heavily used for HACCP compliance. Using Contact, the ICON can produce graphical and tabular representations of collected information, and bring an all-in-one solution for record keeping to Phantom Metal Detectors.

Having an increased amount of user options and available features, the ICON comes equipped with multi-level password protection (MLP). This added benefit controls access to specific areas of the system for different users. Once activated, the MLP modifies the user interface to display only relevant information to reflect the level of responsibilities of the given user.

The ICON offers many enhanced testing options through its Auto Test and Test Request features. Product testing is an important routine that is done on all metal detectors and is now fully customizable. Testing can now be scheduled according to the desired test method, and can be set up to occur on specific days and times. It also can be automatically activated when key parameters such as sensitivity or phase values change.

Fortress Technology is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For more information on the ICON, please contact Fortress Technology at