Wild Flavors has created a line of vacation-themed flavor solutions.

Wild Flavors has created a line of vacation-themed flavor solutions. For example, Natural Jamaican Sunrise is a tropical blend of blood orange and banana, while Natural Strawberry Coconut combines fruity with creamy coconut. Natural Indonesian Bali Burst offers a blend of coconut, condensed milk, peanut, Indonesian vanilla, lemongrass, jalapeño pepper and spices. Natural Coconut Lime Verbena consists of creamy coconut mixed with citrus herbal notes. Natural Passionfruit Lime Mimosa is made of tingling champagne bubbles mixed with fresh passionfruit juice and a twist of lime. Natural Cupuaçu Raspberry is an exotic fruit blend that combines cupuaçu, a tropical rainforest fruit, and raspberry. Natural South Pacific Fijian Delight is a complex blend of coconut, breadfruit, banana, pineapple, sugarcane, vanilla and spices. Natural Tropical Torch offers a refreshing elixir of exotic dragonfruit, strawberries and a hint of heat. Natural Mandarino consists of a classic Italian mandarin orange. Natural Lilikoi Float is a combination of passionfruit sherbet and lemon-lime soda. Natural and artificial (N&A) Vermont Molasses delivers a sweet brown molasses flavor. Natural Red Wine is made of ruby-colored grapes and Natural Bohemian Sunset is an enticing blend of fresh tomato and red melon.

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