Extreme environment-resistant pallet trucks set the standard for food processing.

The Raymond Corp. offers the broadest range of pallet trucks designed for extreme and corrosive environments. The protective features of the Extreme Environment Corrosion Package extend the life of the pallet truck and significantly reduce cost of ownership.

“This innovative package - with its galvanized frame, parts and linkages - is built to withstand the harshest applications, where trucks are subject to corrosive agents and frequent washdowns,” says Jeff Leggett, pallet truck director for the Greene, N.Y.-based manufacturer.
The Extreme Environment Corrosion Package is available in three Raymond pallet truck models:
Model 102XM - 4,500.-lb-capacity walkie pallet truck
Model 8300 - 6,000-lb.-capacity walkie pallet truck
Model 8400 - 6,000-lb.-capacity end rider pallet truck

This package provides extra protection for Raymond pallet trucks that are exposed to salty, high-moisture, washdown and corrosive environments found in a variety of applications, such as food processing, poultry, meat and fish processing, cold storage and chemical processing.