Oberweis Dairy is aiming to fill 100 sales jobs through viral networking.

The company’s president Joe Oberweis said, “We have 100 great opportunities for work in a terrible economy. We’re asking our network – our customers – to spread the word because we all know people who need work. They’re doing a community service by helping to match jobs and income with people who need both.”

Interested candidates started contacting the company before the e-mail distribution was even complete, and the company received a new inquiry about every 120 seconds mid-afternoon Thursday.

“The effect of viral networking can be amazing – when the subject matter is something people care about. In this economy, jobs are something we all care about,” Oberweis said. “We’ve seen Facebook postings and even a bunch of tweets on Twitter. I think the motivation here is clearly to help people find jobs when it’s very rough going.”

The company e-mailed the letter to all customers Thursday morning.

Interested candidates from the areas surrounding Chicago, St. Louis, central Illinois, Indianapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee and Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Va., should contact salesjobs@oberweis.com.

A copy of the letter is available at oberweis.com/web/enews/moola19.asp.

About Oberweis Dairy
Started on a dairy farm nearly a century ago, Oberweis Dairy provides the best-tasting milk, ice cream, and now chocolates available anywhere. The company is famous for milk in its trademark glass bottles as well as its best-in-class smooth and creamy ice cream. The company distributes products through its 48 ice cream and dairy stores to thousands of homes through its home delivery service and through grocery stores. Oberweis is family owned and operated, currently by the third and fourth generations.

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