Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has announced its latest all-electric truck refrigeration solution – ElectriMax.

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has announced its latest all-electric truck refrigeration solution – ElectriMax. The new solution provides outstanding flexibility and operational savings for the refrigerated transport industry. ElectriMax does not have an integral combustion engine; therefore, it is exempt from transport refrigeration unit (TRU) diesel emission regulations in California.

ElectriMax demonstrates flexibility by serving a vast array of delivery needs – from single-temperature to multiple-temperature bodies with compartments for medium, frozen and dry goods to versa-temp applications that transport frozen one day and fresh the next. Furthermore, ElectriMax operates with electricity instead of diesel fuel, which saves companies as much as 1,400 gallons a truck per year in diesel fuel, and itssimple design, increases savings even more by significantly lowering maintenance costs and downtime.

The Johnson fiberglass composite truck body equipped with ElectriMax, all-electric refrigeration, requires a truck chassis (standard or hybrid) with an automatic transmission and a PTO gear option. The mobile power source is integral to the operation of the truck and provides power for the refrigeration. The active forced-air cooling component provides high-performance cooling capacity through an active evaporator, whilerecharging cold plates and the back-up power source en route. The result is pure performance, very little downtime and minimal recharge time.

ElectriMax refrigeration has received very positive reviews across the country from leading food distributors of dairy, fluid milk, juice, cookie and ice cream products. The ElectriMax solution delivers unsurpassed evaporator airflow and temperature recovery after door openings, making it the ideal refrigeration solution for a host of refrigerated and frozen products including dairy, ice cream, produce, confection, bakerygoods, frozen foods, ice, seafood and meat, pizza and other sensitive frozen foods.

“ElectriMax gives Johnson customers a new way to provide more value and cost savings to consumers, which are especially important in today’s economy,” said Mayo Rude, Johnson director of sales and marketing. “We are pleased to deliver a proven refrigeration solution that offers significant fleet operation savings, lower maintenance and the same flexibility as diesel-powered truck refrigeration.”

ElectriMax is an efficient and economical alternative, saving companies thousands of dollars annually in refrigeration operation costs.

“Johnson fiberglass truck bodies paired with ElectriMax refrigeration meet the needs of our customers by reducing their overall fuel consumption and carbon footprint,” said Ron Ricci, Johnson’s president. “We’re proud of our innovative achievements. We’ll continue to develop reliable, lightweight, composite body designs and clean and green refrigeration solutions to pursue value-added and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.”

For decades, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has demonstrated its commitment to clean and green refrigeration technologies that benefit the environment. Johnson is the leader in cold-plate technology, and the inventor of RouteMax, clean and green refrigeration, which features a combination of evaporators and cold platesand ElectriMax, designed with and without cold plates, is well suited for truck bodies ranging in length from 12 to 26 feet. RouteMax is an all-electric refrigeration solution offered exclusively through a partnership with Navistar. Today there are more than 400 RouteMax refrigerated Johnson bodies on the road.

In first quarter, Kraft Foods, which has RouteMax refrigerated truck bodies in its fleet, worked with Navistar to put a RouteMax body on an International Durastar Hybrid chassis. The Durastar hybrid truck with the latest in all-electric refrigeration technology is a truly green truck fleet solution for Kraft Pizza Co.

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