Angola, IN-based TydenBrammall®, a leading global supplier of security seals, now offers a complete line of plastic security seals to complement its already broad family.  Each seal is ISO/PAS 17712 rated for Indicative security seal performance standards.  This addition allows TydenBrammall to provide a full product line of High Security, Security and Indicative security seals and be a single source for all of its customers’ needs-including air, ocean, truck and rail modes of transportation and other common security requirements.  Indicative seals clearly show if an application has been compromised.  They can be pulled apart by hand or cut with a simple shear or snipping tools.  With 11 new seals, companies can choose from a large selection to help stop tampering, pilferage, theft, terrorism and contamination of their products.

TydenBrammall’s extended plastic product line of Indicative seals includes a narrow flat tab seal, beaded seals, beaded tab seals, round smooth seals and padlock seals.  The entire line is comprised of high-strength, impact- and chemical-resistant polymers that withstand extreme temperatures, offer tamper-resistant locking mechanisms for added security and include surfaces that accommodate hot-foil, laser and/or label marking for easy-to-read engraving of serial numbers.