November 4, 2008 – Dow announced today the introduction of an innovative new technology for weight care at the Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) show in Paris, France. In pre-clinical studies, SATISFITTM Weight Care Technology has shown the ability to reduce absorption of saturated and trans fats, reduce weight gain, and promote healthy fat metabolism. In addition, it can be easily formulated into food and beverages.

“SATISFIT is targeted to aid in the development of foods that can ‘satisfy’ in taste and texture, while also being compatible with consumers’ goals for ‘fitness’ and healthy eating,” said Stephanie Lynch, global marketing manager for Food & Nutrition. According to Lynch, this technology is the result of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the chief scientific research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and The Dow Chemical Company.

Dow’s Food & Nutrition business is focused on delivering technologies that address the increased market demand for foods that help support a healthier lifestyle. Dow is committed to bringing innovative and easier to formulate technologies to the market quickly, while ensuring there is sufficient technological data to support discussions with key customers and help accelerate their path to commercialization. Dow is also committed to scientific credibility – with plans to support key development partners in clinical trials that will ensure the validation of health benefits in final food applications.

Reduction in Weight Gain

Saturated and trans fats continue to be of concern to consumers today, yet are still found in many foods that people enjoy. These fats are often difficult to replace while maintaining the taste and texture consumers are familiar with. SATISFIT™ works by significantly reducing the amount of saturated and trans fats absorbed by the body and also supports proper fat metabolism, or fat storage. Proper fat metabolism can reduce the build up of fat in healthy tissues where fat should not be deposited.

Formulation Advantages

SATISFITTM Weight Care Technology is 100 percent soluble, highly process tolerant, non-fermentable and can also help extend food product freshness. SATISFIT does not add calories to formulations and can be easily incorporated into beverages and dairy type products, as well as biscuits, bars and ready meals.

Note on Pre-clinical Studies

All health-related information presented herein is based solely on pre-clinical testing, indicating the possibility of occurrence of benefits in people, and is not yet validated in human studies. These pre-clinical studies cannot serve as a basis for health-related claims, until validated by properly conducted human clinical trials.

About Dow in Food & Nutrition

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