DUBLIN, Ohio, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wendy's is introducing low-fat, Nestle Nesquik milk in its 5,900 U.S. restaurants, along with the "Squeezerz" -- low-fat, strawberry yogurt in a kid-friendly, squeezable tube.

"Nesquik has long been a family favorite," said Bob Holtcamp, Wendy's senior vice president of marketing.  "We believe the introduction of Nesquik will be a real plus and will encourage even more milk consumption by our younger customers.  That's a good thing."

North America's leading brand of flavored milk, Nesquik, is fortified with vitamins A and D as well as with additional calcium. Each serving of Nesquik provides 40 percent of the Daily Value of calcium.

The low-fat Squeezerz is made with all natural flavors and contains no high fructose corn syrup.  The Squeezerz replaces a yogurt option that Wendy's has offered for several years in a cup.

Wendy's pioneered its Kids' Meal Choices program in 2005 and it remains a

popular option today.   When ordering a Kids' Meal for their children,
parents can substitute mandarin oranges or yogurt for French fries at no extra charge. They can also select milk instead of a soft drink at no extra charge.  Almost one third of Wendy's Kids' Meal orders now include one of these substitutions, and use of this option continues to increase.

As part of a continuing effort to help families make informed choices about the food they eat, the Company also maintains a "Mom RD" section on www.wendys.com .  This site provides tips on nutrition and healthy eating from registered dietitians, who are also young mothers.

"Milk has been offered on Wendy's menu for many years, and the Company currently sells about 40 million bottles per year," said Wendy's Registered Dietitian Patty Wynkoop. "Wendy's has been offering 2% fat white and 1% fat chocolate milk, but, with the move to Nesquik, both choices will now contain only 1%."

"We're very excited that Wendy's has selected Nestle Nesquik as part of their nutritious children's menu," said Cathy Dean, brand manager, Nestle Nesquik.  "This is the first time that we've created a fortified white milk product and we're pleased to debut it at Wendy's alongside our ever-popular chocolate flavored milk.  The Nesquik name and the image of the Bunny resonate well with kids.  Kids will think they're getting an extra treat while parents will know that their children are getting a nutritious beverage with their meal."