From Press Release
Lifeway Foods, a manufacturer of kefir and a provider of other natural and organic dairy products, has announced that it is franchising its Starfruit kefir boutique cafe.
Lirfeway says the new retail concept debuted in April 2008 in Chicago and serves as a prototype for its national franchise program. The shop offers several flavors of frozen kefir with over 20 toppings as well as customized kefir parfaits, and smoothie-style kefir drinks.
Julie Smolyansky, president and CEO of Lifeway Foods, said: "Since announcing the initial opening of Starfruit, we have been bombarded with requests for franchise opportunities from all over the country. Starfruit will capitalize on the renewed popularity of frozen yogurt shops while offering a healthier alternative with all the probiotic benefits of kefir and franchising the concept can help us grow the brand quickly."