Lipid Nutrition has become a private limited liability company (B.V.) in its own right, part of Loders Croklaan Group (subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad, Malaysia).

Lipid Nutritionhas become a private limited liability company (B.V.) in its own right, part of Loders Croklaan Group (subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad, Malaysia). The new business structure allows Lipid Nutrition to operate as an independent entity. The company says day-to-day activities will not be affected.

PowerPact, a Richmond, Va.-based marketing agency, has won an international award for its work forGeneral Mills' Yoplaityogurt brand and its efforts to fight breast cancer.

PowerPact won a Globe award from the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide.

The agency has worked with Yoplait for more than seven years to promote its support for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Royal DSM, N.V.has acquired Lipid Technologies Provider AB (LTP), a Swedish company with a technology platform based on formulated lipids. LTP develops lipid delivery systems for functional foods (including dietary supplements) and pharmaceuticals, using lipids extracted from natural resources such as oat oil.

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a 4-year contract toCSB-System Int'l, Inc.for supplying a fully integrated business software solution for the Central Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) in Ramstein AFB, Germany. The CMPP provides retail cuts of fresh beef and pork to 59 commissaries, and various stores and State Department activities in Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia.

Omron RFID, Schaumburg, Ill., has made available a new aluminum HF inlay which is ideally suited for security and asset tracking applications such as library and access control. Omron has more than 20 years of experience providing copper inlays for the RFID market. The announcement introduces Omron's new aluminum-based inlay, V730S-D13-PO1. This credit-card sized inlay is compliant with the ISO15693 HF standard for 13.56MHz frequency and achieves comparable performance with the copper version of the same size inlay. Omron said it will continue manufacturing copper inlays for the HF market alongside aluminum.

Confidex, an RFID tag design and manufacturing specialist, and RFID TagSource, a full-service provider of RFID tags and consulting services, recently reached an agreement designating RFID TagSource as Confidex' representative in North America. Under the terms of the agreement, RFID TagSource will provide Confidex' North American customers with a wide range of tagging services designed to support their unique RFID application requirements.

Cargill has made its CoroWise Naturally Sourced Cholesterol Reducer brand of plant sterols available in the European market. Launched in the United States in 2003, CoroWise plant sterols are cholesterol-lowering ingredients that can be added to foods and beverages. They have been clinically shown to lower cholesterol and are approved for use in the E.U.