Editor’s note: This month’s Buyers Mart includes products that were exhibited at Process Expo and Pack Expo, Oct. 29-Nov. 2.

Editor’s note: This month’s Buyers Mart includes products that were exhibited at Process Expo and Pack Expo, Oct. 29-Nov. 2.

Advanced Instruments’ Fluorophos ACP Test System isa rapid laboratory test that can confirm the completeness of pasteurization in juice in three minutes. Utilizing the fluorimetric method, the test assists laboratories to quickly and accurately ensure both product quality and safety by assessing the pasteurization levels in juice and juice products. The Fluorophos Test System can be used with many juice and juice byproducts, including carrot, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, grape, and cranberry. Featuring microprocessor controlled prompts and diagnostic menus, the Fluorophos Test System is so easy to operate that technicians are not required to have a specialized chemistry or microbiology background. Test results are automatically reported on the digital display, while a printed copy helps eliminate errors due to operator subjectivity or interpretation.

Advanced Instruments


B&H Labeling Systems introducesthe ENDURA Sleeve System, a shrink sleeve labeling system for applying and shrinking full body sleeve labels on a variety of container types, sizes and shapes. The Endura Sleeve System features a cutter assembly, which improves cut accuracy and reduces scrap while minimizing maintenance, the company claims. B&H’s Endura Sleeve System is comprised of an Endura SLS sleeve applicator and one or two Endura SLT shrink tunnel modules, depending on the application. These integrated systems handle round, square, rectangular and oval containers with and without contours, from 2 to 4.8 inches in diameter and from 2 to 12 inches in height, at speeds up to 400 cpm.

B&H Labeling Systems


FKI Logistex unveiledits new GS100 family of low-price, entry-level case palletizers at Pack Expo. The GS100 series provides a cost-effective, fully automated palletizer for those organizations looking to convert from manual palletizing, as well as larger, multi-line operations where high-speed palletizing is not cost-justified. Capable of speeds up to 30 cases per minute, and priced from USD 52,000 for the GS120 model, the GS100 series is ideal for a wide array of applications, including food, beverage, consumer goods, and general manufacturing. It offers the same heavy-duty construction, flexibility and reliability that are the trademarks of FKI Logistex’s industry-leading mid- and high-speed palletizers.

FKI Logistex North America

Multivac demonstrateda new compact Multivac R150 FormShrink system that eliminates the need for pre-formed pouches. It performs the entire process using roll fed shrinkable efilm material. The company says the result is flawless, custom-shaped hermetically salad package achieved with significant cost savings in terms of material and labor.

Multivac Inc.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc. introducesExplorer, a software program designed to network Safeline metal detectors from multiple locations to a central computer. The program provides secure, real-time operating status for every metal detector on the network from anywhere in the world.mSafeline’s Explorer software has a user-friendly, intuitive graphic interface and operates on a standard TCP/IP network. Its communication is bi-directional, allowing managers to change parameters on individual detectors on the network, as well as receive critical, real-time information such as reject counts, detector on-line status, power failures, and network instability. Managers can create customized detailed reports and customized alerts that can be sent by email, cell phone, pager or any other SMTP compatible device.

All data is automatically compiled and logged and are exportable into any ODBC compliant application. Explorer is available for both the Safeline Certus Metal Detector and the Powerphase Plus Metal Detector, and is backward compatible with older models with a simple firmware upgrade.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc.


Fogg Filler has introducedsafety guarding technology to accommodate the most rigid safety and sanitation requirements, including HEPA class 100. The guarding is made of stainless steel framework with clear polycarbonate to enclose the sides of the filler. There are hinged access doors to enter all sides of the filler for quick and easy maintenance. Electrical interlocks have been placed on each of the doors to disable the filler if the doors are opened while the filler is running. Internal lighting is also a feature.

Fogg Filler

Pall Corp. announcedthe availability of the ARIA SA water filtration system to meet the sanitary requirements of food and beverage producers. The new system combines stainless-steel components with proven microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane modules. Available in custom configurations with flow rates ranging from 50 to 300 gpm, the system treats water from municipal, surface or ground sources. Features include automated air scrub and enhanced flux maintenance processes. The semi-automated clean-in-place process promotes membrane recovery.

Pall Corp.


Polypack Inc. and Film Source International have developeda system that can eliminate both the corrugated pads and the glue in tapered cup multipacks. Corrugated bottom support, in between layers or top pads can by replaced by patent pending clear pads that can be placed with forms in between and on top to protect the products’ lids. Polypack’s modular system can be added onto Polypack shrink equipment to automatically place the clear pads in between and on top of products. The cups are then shrink-wrapped to prevent chiming. No glue is needed; and the system eliminates hot-melt dispensers and messy glue.

Polypack Inc.

Eastman Chemical Company introducesthe next generation of PET resins. Named ParaStar, these resins offer bottle clarity, product purity, production and supply chain efficiencies, claims the company. Because the solid-stating step has been eliminated, the process reduces energy usage compared to other PET resin production processes. ParaStar is a drop-in replacement for standard PET on bottle manufacturing equipment. Companies using this resin require no equipment or process changes.

Eastman Chemical Company

Cesco has startedshipping new sanitary grade magnetic line traps that comply with USDA, AMS standards as per NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1 2002 for 6% and larger processing lines for viscous or fibrous liquids and slurries containing large solids at temperatures of 230º F and 60 PSI. Dual plates employing remove ferrous and work-hardened stainless trash to protect in-line dispersers and mixers down stream while maintaining a high flow rate and protecting even the most fragile products. Interchangeable baffles make for fast product changeovers on multiple product lines and easy-open and close ports makes CIP or CPS cleaning fast and easy.