IFT President Mark McLellan welcomed attendees to the Opening Event of IFT's 63rd Annual Meeting and Food Expo[r]. With more than 1,700 technical presentations and a record 1,000 exhibitors covering 250,000 sq ft of exhibit space, IFT was "the place to see the science and technology of food focused on critical issues regarding quality, safety and the future of our food supply," McLellan said.
Also at the opening event, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, the event's keynote speaker, asked food scientists for help in ensuring a safer, healthier food supply. "All of us need to make sure that Americans eat safe foods in healthy portions and healthy varieties," he said.
Here are some highlights from the Food Expo floor.

As consumers become increasingly label conscious, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) is answering the demand for healthful treats that deliver flavor, nutrition and functionality. At this year's IFT, DMI showcased no-sugar-added whey protein-enriched brownies, whey protein-enriched fruit leather and bite-sized empaEadas de mejido made using queso fresco. DMI helps food manufacturers use dairy ingredients to improve and develop food products.
Dairy Management Inc.
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Danisco Sweeteners showcased its ingredient portfolio of specialty carbohydrates and reduced-calorie sweeteners. Ingredients such as Litesse[r] polydextrose, lactitol and xylitol all have low-glycemic indexes and are ideal for developing low-glycemic foods and beverages. Polydextrose and lactitol together help reduce sugar and fat in no-sugar-added ice cream.
Danisco Sweeteners
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Nestle Branded Ingredients sampled a variety of Nestle candies that can be used as mix-ins in ice cream and other frozen desserts. The candy line includes Butterfinger[r] Pieces, Nestle[r] Crunch[r] Pieces and Rainbow Nerds[r].
Nestl¿randed Ingredients
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Quest has developed a range of vanilla flavors based on technology that helps replicate or enhance the high quality and sophisticated profiles of vanilla extracts at affordable prices, the company says. Vantasia Velvet[tm] is based on the classic bourbon vanilla profile and has an indulgent, creamy and sweet profile that is enhanced by rum, woody and vanilla bean sensations. Vantasia Carmilla[tm] has a rich, creamy vanilla flavor with buttery, caramel notes. Vantasia Eggstacy[tm] has a smooth, creamy vanilla profile with rich, egg custard notes. Vantasia Sweet Dreams[tm] is intensely creamy and sweet with generous notes of rich vanilla flavor.
Quest International
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Avebe showcased its Paselli[tm] Excel potato maltodextrin in a nonfat sour cream. The ingredient provides body, smooth texture and a clean flavor profile to reduced- and no-fat cultured products.
Avebe America Inc.
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Orafti showed a variety of healthful products made with Raftiline[r] and Raftilose[r] fiber ingredients, including Stonyfield Farms' Smoothie. A recent study at Baylor College of Medicine has demonstrated that 8g a day of the enriched inulin ingredient Raftilose[r] Synergy 1 increased calcium absorption by 20%.
Orafti Active Food Ingredients
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Kerry Sweet is an application specific division of Kerry North America, which supplies a full range of innovative and value-added ingredients that have application in frozen desserts as well as other products. Inclusions run the gamut of panned and enrobed nuts and candies, baked pieces, extruded cookie dough, chips, nuggets, syrups, bases and agglomerates, as well as coatings for frozen novelties.
Kerry North America
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DSM showcased how its Delvocid[r] surface antimycotic inhibits mold growth on cheese. Delvocid nata-mycin is a natural mold inhibitor that is active right on the surface of cheese, where mold begins to grow.
DSM Food Specialties
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SPI Polyols discussed how Maltisweet[tm] Maltitol Solution can directly replace sucrose in no-sugar-added premium ice cream. Maltitol is 90% as sweet as sucrose and functions similarly to sucrose. It can be used as the sole sweetening agent without adjusting the formulation or manufacturing parameters used for a sucrose formulation.
SPI Polyols Inc.
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David Michael heated up IFT attendees with Mexican Spice ice cream. The company's chemists spent months developing some unique flavor sensations. Other products available for sampling included a clear peach iced tea and a pink grapefruit polyphenolic drink.
David Michael & Co.
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FMC BioPolymer showcased several concepts to impart long-term suspension, stability and body to dairy-based protein beverages and smoothies. For example, Protanal[r] ester BV stabilizer offers immediate and long-term uniform suspension in whey and juice, and milk and juice beverages. The Protanal ester produces low viscosity and has the ability to suspend solids in beverages while preventing phase/serum separation during prolonged shelflife.
FMC BioPolymer
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Gingerbread ice cream from Virginia Dare was one of the biggest hits at this year's IFT. The company showed its flavors in other frozen desserts including Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, Cantaloupe sorbet and Mango sorbet. Iced tea beverages continue to be very popular, particularly among dairies. Virginia Dare put together some unique flavor combinations including Lime Green, Orchard Twist, Orange Blackberry and Strawberry.
Virginia Dare
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Rhodia Food launched two new probiotic cultures that use a patented stabilization system to allow for room temperature distribution, thus enabling the distribution of probiotics beyond dairy and supplements. FloraFit[tm] Balance contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. The ingredient provides excellent survival through the gut and adheres to intestinal cells, the company says. It also inhibits growth of pathogens. FloraFit Boost induces the production of cytokines, which are hormones of the immune system. Research shows that FloraFit Boost works by increasing the level of natural messengers, which then stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms.
Rhodia Food
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ADM showcased NutriSoy[r] Organic Whole Bean Powder in a frozen dessert. Though the frozen dessert was non-dairy, the company says this ingredient complements dairy very well and can be used to make fluid, cultured and frozen products that are blends of cows milk and soy. The powder has a sweet flavor and a microfine texture that provides a pleasant mouthfeel and no soy aftertaste.
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National Starch introduced a new specialty starch that permits yogurt producers to replace gelatin in stirred and cup-set yogurts. Yogurt manufacturers use gelatin to manage water and provide a structured texture to yogurt products. Gelatin is notable for its gelling properties and clean flavor profile. New Impression[tm] specialty starch achieves the same thing. The starch replaces existing stabilizers when used at a level of 1.5%-2.2%. It also allows a 1% reduction in milk solids without any loss of textural properties. Label declaration is: food starch modified cornstarch.
National Starch and
Chemical Co.
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Astaris introduced Forti-Cal Plus[tm], a new technology that allows beverage manufacturers to cost-effectively deliver substantial levels of calcium fortification in clear beverages. Forti-Cal Plus enables beverage manufacturers to develop products with a higher Daily Value of calcium without compromising appearance, taste, mouthfeel or cost, says the company. This new innovation features calcium and phosphorus, a combination that delivers optimal results in calcium therapy for healthy bones and teeth.
Astaris LLC
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Cargill's Food and Pharma Specialties business unit introduced the CreamTex[tm] line of modified tapioca starches. Dairy applications include puddings and fillings, dry mix cook-ups, and cheese and cream sauces. Tapioca starches enhance food functionality without unwanted flavor side effects. Its blandness won't mask delicate or savory flavors. The satisfying mouthfeel lends itself to a range of surface textures, from crunchy to creamy.
Cargill Food and Pharma
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