The 2001 formation of Quality Chekd SECO Purchasing, LLC provides the Quality Chekd and SECO & Golden "100" organizations with continuing opportunities for purchasing program development. The increasingly competitive environment brought on by consolidation within the dairy industry was the impetus for this merger, allowing members from both groups to capitalize on cost savings given to larger groups of purchasers based on their individual volumes. With its nearly140 years of combined buying experience, these organizations represent one of the most diverse, mutually beneficial purchasing groups in the U.S. today.

"Our partnership has led to double the strength in buying power and provides members with vital value-added opportunities for both Quality Chekd and SECO members," said Peter Horvath, managing director, Quality Chekd.

Working together, the partners continue to explore new cost saving opportunities and expand the array of purchasing programs and resources available to members. Purchasing services that members currently can take advantage of at a reduced rate include packaging, commodities, ingredients, chemicals and many more valuable offerings crucial to dairy and agricultural businesses.

Quality Chekd and SECO & Golden "100" are member-owned purchasing cooperatives that provide their combined 75 members with superior purchasing benefits. The Quality Chekd membership is comprised of 40 independent dairy processors while SECO & Golden "100" has 35 member companies engaged primarily in the dairy industry.

"Under the direction of our experienced staffs we have succeeded in building the critical mass necessary to provide members with tremendous cost savings and added benefits," said Ron Edmundson, president, SECO & Golden "100."

Partner Profiles

Since its inception in 1945 and acquisition of the Golden "100" fruit drink concentrate business in 1963, SECO & Golden "100" Inc. has helped members improve their bargaining power by combining and leveraging the common purchasing requirements of its member companies. SECO is unique as a purchasing cooperative in that it owns and operates Golden "100," a manufacturer and processor of fruit drink concentrates.

Its 35 member companies are comprised of a select group of agriculturally based cooperatives and proprietary companies that are engaged in the production of food and dairy products. The members collectively participate in purchasing programs designed to optimize opportunities within the supply chain for delivering added value.

Founded in 1944, Quality Chekd Dairies, Inc., is a U.S. based, non-profit cooperative of dairy processors who achieve the highest levels of quality and food safety in its products and processes. With more than 40 members worldwide, Quality Chekd ensures that its members meet the organization's high standards through third-party product testing by Silliker Labs, an independent laboratory. Quality Chekd is the only dairy industry organization of its kind that is focused primarily on quality and food safety.

Quality Chekd members profit from a host of additional services, including:

  • Marketing and Sales Services
  • Quality and Food Safety Support
  • HACCP compliance programs
  • Dairy-Specific Training and Education Programs
  • Management Seminars
  • Coordination and Expansion of Export/Import Activities
Quality Chekd also functions as a trademark marketing organization, offering its "Blue Q. Red Chek" mark on members' products as an endorsement of high quality and food safety. Quality Chekd members are located throughout the United States, Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia.

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Quality Chekd Dairies, Inc.
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SECO & Golden "100", Inc.
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