Like U.S. processors, milk marketers in France are challenged with turning around the decline in milk consumption. One marketer, Lactel, has carved a niche by developing specialized milk products-something for everyone. From milk fortified with vitamins and minerals for the youngest consumers, to cholesterol-free milks enhanced with omega-3 fatty acids for their parents and grandparents, the Lactel brand has become synonymous with innovation.

The company markets a fresh infant-formulalike milk product, with some single-serve bottles designed to include a disposable nipple. The second-stage toddlers' milk contains all the important nutrients for this important growth phase. For older kids, there's a milk beverage that comes loaded with vitamins and minerals at the level needed by active, growing bodies.

For more mature consumers, new reduced-lactose Matin Léger (Light Morning) is marketed as a breakfast accompaniment for those concerned about lactose. And recognizing consumers' increasing interest in certain nutrients, the company now offers milk beverages with added magnesium, as well as probiotic cultures.

Responding to all different consumer needs, Lactel has a reputation as a purveyor of specialty milks.