ESE Dairies, is a subsidiary of East Side Entrees, a company that specializes in marketing and distributing food products to more than 3,000 school districts nationwide. Recognizing the challenge that schools face in persuading children to consume good-for-you products, ESE Dairies set out to provide a fun, appealing product that would encourage kids to drink more milk. Its innovative answer was the new Shake ‘n Sip brand of flavored milks and milkshakes, packaged in aseptic cartons by global packaging technology leader Tetra Pak.

With favorite flavors and exciting graphics featuring popular cartoon characters, Shake ‘n Sip products encourage kids to drink more milk. The shelf-stable packaging helps schools to increase the occasions when wholesome milk beverages can be served to their students. Together ESE and Tetra Pak worked to develop the products that were launched in the spring of 2003 in national school foodservice markets.

Packaged in the Tetra Brik‚ Aseptic and Tetra Prisma‚ Aseptic cartons with Nickelodeon‚ graphics, Shake ‘n Sip milks and milkshakes answer the needs of schools that hope to provide healthier products to kids, while keeping costs down. The milk is available in four kid-pleasing varieties: white, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, while the milkshakes come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. And kids love the easy-to-grip packages that feature Nickelodeon characters SpongeBob™ SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron‚ and The Wild Thornberrys.

Making Milk More Marketable

ESE Dairies knew that providing nutritious products to kids could be a challenge as growing numbers of children make unhealthy meal choices and gain more weight. Currently, more than 20 % of children are overweight and fewer than 15 %of girls and 36 % of boys aged 12-19 get enough calcium. Getting healthy beverages like refrigerated milk to school kids can also be a challenge, as they require frequent deliveries and refrigerated storage. ESE Dairies recognized that schools needed an innovative solution if they are to provide more milk to students.

The company realized that shelf-stable packaging and its opportunities for expanding milk consumption and accessibility within schools could be the answer to schools' needs. ESE Dairies required an expert with superior aseptic processing and packaging technology and approached Tetra Pak in November 2002 for a packaging solution.

"We were drawn to aseptic technology because it allows schools to increase milk consumption on the occasions when refrigeration isn't an option, like field trips, summer and after-school programs, and before and after holiday breaks," said Gary Davis, CEO, East Side Entrees. "Since Tetra Pak is the leader in aseptic solutions, working with the company was a natural fit."

Tetra Pak aseptic packaging allows schools to provide milk on more occasions without worrying about fluctuating temperatures. Since cartons can be stored unchilled for months, schools benefit from improved food safety due to less spoilage and waste. Space-efficient aseptic packaging also means schools save valuable refrigerated storage space and require fewer deliveries and less labor, resulting in important cost savings. Most important, schools can offer the milks and milkshakes at times when refrigeration isn't available, making them ideal for weekend, summer and after-school programs.

A-Plus for schools and kids

Shake ‘n Sip milks and milkshakes provide a home-run solution for schools looking to increase milk consumption. The easy-to-grip shape of the packages also allows lots of room for attention-grabbing graphics. Through a licensing agreement with Nickelodeon, ESE Dairies uses eye-catching visuals of popular cartoon characters.

Kids are also attracted to the Shake ‘n Sip flavors, which increase the "yum" factor while maintaining the milk's wholesome quality and nutrition. Because they are fortified with nonfat dry milk, the products provide up to 50% more protein and calcium than regular low-fat milk, without extra fat.

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ESE Dairies is a subsidiary of East Side Entrees of Woodbury, NY which specializes in marketing and distributing nutritious, student-friendly food products to the school foodservice market.