Cesco Magnetics introduces a series of aseptic, magnetic liquid line traps for 38.25mm to 102mm aseptic processing lines operating at up to 200 psi and temperatures of 150°C.

Cesco Magnetics introducesa series of aseptic, magnetic liquid line traps for 38.25mm to 102mm aseptic processing lines operating at up to 200 psi and temperatures of 150°C. Machined from a solid block of 314 stainless steel, the AS series of MagTraps exceed 3A standards for sanitary fabrication. MagTraps allow pumped products to flow unimpeded through multiple intense magnetic fields, and the AS design makes disposing of captured debris a fast process.

Cesco Magnetics

Sawvel's new 113S-K offersversatility with its compact, single-head, scale-controlled liquid filler. This model is designed for customers who need a better fill system for their edible oils, milk-based liquids, or other liquid foods. Sawvel's new model enables the customer to fill product containers accurately by weight. Model 113S-K includes a scale indicator, base with load cell, 1.5" LEE air-operated ball-valve assembly, and FRL assembly. The scale base and control indicator are set up for easy install onto the customer's existing table.


Lantech's new SB-2030 shrink bundling system featuresPLC-controlled ConvectAir™ shrink tunnel. With its tunnel and wrapping module combined on a unitized frame less than 12-ft. long, the SB-2030 is almost 25% shorter than conventional machines in its class. The machine shrink wraps up to 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent placement, company claims. It is ideal for any product shipped on corrugated trays, pads, U-boards or with film only, such as ice cream. The belt-fed SB-2030 accommodates products up to 24"W x 12"H to any practical length. It utilizes a cradle-type film delivery system for loading from the side without the need for mandrels. Positive film feed via nip roller allows flying splices from the end of one roll to the start of the next to virtually eliminate film waste. SB-2030 utilizes Lantech's Ever-Clean™ cross seal system. Safety systems include interlocked doors and guarding to deter access during operation. Options for the machine include side-mounted film rack, film cooling section, pre-spacing conveyor, casters and spare-parts kit.


The Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center of Dayton, Ohio introducesthe Basic Series of Osiprox inductive sensors, available exclusively from Telemecanique. This new sensor line was developed to address major OEM market needs in regards to price and quality features. Expansions in this cylindrical basic proximity line involve a wider range in supply voltage from 10-30 VDC to 10-36 VDC. With a higher protection rating from IP66 to IP67, these sensors are versatile. An increase in the number of cable and connector options as well as both normally open and normally closed options round out the features. Also from the company comes the new Virtu™ 30 by Hyde Park, an ultrasonic sensor available in a 30-mm barrel body style. These compact sensors have an increased sensing distance of 39" (1m) with the option of being normally open, normally closed or a teachable output. Protection ratings of NEMA 4X and IP67 make the Virtu 30 versatile in many harsh environments by resisting most acids and bases.

Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center

Type ECE torque limiters havean axial short design, which requires a small installation space. High-precision torque limitation is guaranteed with the use of special disc springs. The ECE has a wide torque range that doesn't require changing the disc spring. Couplings have a fixed-point switching, which means one switching point per turn. Chain wheels, belt pulleys, etc. are mounted on the engine shaft and are screwed on the flange ring of the ECE for the torque transmission. The Torque Limiter ECE is available in 13 sizes, and torque ranges from 1.2 to 2,000 Nm are available.

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A portable mixer that is constructed fromall stainless steel and is suited for blending juices and adding ingredients to sauces, yogurts, and a range of food products. The Sharpe Portable Mixer is available from stock in fractional through 2-HP motor sizes in electric and air-operated models. The mixer can be supplied with a variety of options and is easily tailored to process requirements. Suitable for mixing liquids in the 50- to 5,000- gal. range, the mixer creates high flow with low shear and can be equipped with 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" shafts in lengths up to 8 ft. Featuring a hydrofoil impeller from 4" to 16" dia., options include variable speed drives and plate or flange mounts.

Sharpe Mixers

Frigidaire® has delivered a line of products for professionals, designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding commercial applications. The Frigidaire® Commercial food service-grade products includes: 20-cubic foot stainless steel door refrigerators, 20-cubic foot stainless steel-door freezers, glass-front merchandisers designed to display chilled products, horizontal ice cream merchandisers and horizontal chest freezers.