Foss' MilkoScan™ FT2 is a new analyzer that allows dairies to improve analysis operations, offering a 20% improvement in accuracy for main parameters in milk compared to the Foss MilkoScan™ FT 120. Obtaining faster results, closer to the production line is a benefit.


Foss' MilkoScan™ FT2 is a new analyzer that allowsdairies to improve analysis operations, offering a 20% improvement in accuracy for main parameters in milk compared to the Foss MilkoScan™ FT 120. Obtaining faster results, closer to the production line is a benefit. An FTIR interferometer avoids vibration and the instrument has a splash-proof and dust-proof enclosure.



The Twist & Dry™ Knife-edge Carrier from BETE Fog Nozzle Inc., of Greenfield, Mass. features a tapered design that reduces buildup and the associated hazards. The Carrier tapers down from the orifice to form a sharp ridge at the tip. The unit is designed for use in co-current dryers and high fat content product applications.

BETE Fog Nozzle Inc.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell announcesits 2-piece valve control module release. WCB will include the new valve control module with all of the W-Series Single and Double Seat Valves. Compared to the previous 3-piece module with stainless steel cap, acrylic lens and stainless-steel base, the new 2-Piece Module has an easy screw-on acrylic top, stainless-steel base. Upgraded features include: lift off design, up to three solenoids available, and seat wear option for single-seat valves.

SPX Process Equipment

A new media milling brochure from Premier Mill describeshow the company can create a milling configuration for a specialty wet processing application. Premier Mill manufactures three continuous Horizontal Media Mills: HM, SM and QM Series, plus the batch type PSM Submersible "Basket" Media Mill. Each is suited to a particular type of media milling application. The correct dispersion device is selected after analyzing properties of the customer's product (viscosity, particle size, vehicle system, etc.).

SPX Process Equipment

The Tetra Spiraflo® CIP/Water Heater range of multi-tubular heat exchangers is designedfor simple heating applications such as CIP solutions, hot water sets, and ingredient water or other similar applications where only a small amount of surface area is required. Four standard sizes are available ranging from 6 to 10 feet, depending on the application. These units can be easily mounted in the vertical or horizontal positions depending on available space. Features include: floating tube bundle reduces thermal fatigue; module can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position; inner tube bundles and can be easily inspected; tube and shell material are 316 stainless steel; easy maintenance of media and product gaskets.

Tetra Pak

The BFCG-32/16 from Evergreen isan economical solution to gravity-fill bottling needs. This small footprint rotary machine fills 8 to 32 ounce bottles at speeds up to 400 bottles per minute with an integrated screw capper. Demountable fill nozzles, electronic product level control, and dual-product tank spray balls are features.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment


Polypack has a new optionfor its line of shrink packaging equipment. The inverter can be integrated with Polypack's versatile multi-packing equipment. This system is capable of receiving automatic delivery of various size and shape products, inverting every other product, and collating them into diverse size packaging configurations. Key features include automatic product inverter; horizontal rotary inverter; continuous or intermittent operation; and production speeds up to 300 products.

Polypack, Inc.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.'s Fluid Systems® TFC®-SR® family of spiral elements, Winefilter™-MF cartridges and Super-Cor® XL tubular membranes are suited for dairy applications, including salt whey diafiltration and lactose demineralization. The SR elements utilize a proprietary polyamide thin-film composite membrane. These spiral wound elements are a cost-effective solution for dairy and other food processing applications with low solid density and minimal available floor space.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.