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Gertrude Hawk's panning process is helping to produce sweet and savory coatings. Whether crispies, flakes or rings, the inclusions can easily be added to cereals and yogurts. The company's micro-thin special coating over baked or confectionery goods make the product line enticing to the dairy industry. Choose from strawberry, blueberry or raspberry-flavored coatings.

Gertrude Hawk Ingredients

Danisco's DairyHox™ enzyme offers cheese makers, cheese shredders and pizza manufacturers the ability to eliminate mold and produce pizza cheese that bakes with less browning. The enzyme in the presence of oxygen has the ability to oxidize residual sugars found in cheese. Galactose, a residual sugar found in mozzarella, is known to cause excessive Maillard reaction/browning during bake. With DairyHox, the galactose is consumed, resulting in a whiter cheese when baked.

Danisco USA Inc.

Kerry's new frozen dessert technologies include Omega-3 fortified walnut bark chips, blended with bittersweet chocolate; origin-specific chocolate coatings; and Enrich® 301, an all-natural, cultured dairy product in powder form. Enrich has gum-like properties with functions to improve texture, mouthfeel and flavor to ice cream, the company claims. Kerry has also expanded its flavor layering capabilities with the Macadamia Macaroon Swirl ice cream flavor concept. The concept features coconut-flavored ice cream with texture-enhancing stabilizers, macaroon mini cookie inclusions, macadamia nuts and a rich, cookie dough batter variegate.

Kerry Sweet Ingredients

Chr. Hansen's probiotic cultures have been clinically proven to enhance intestinal health and immunity, the company claims, and are effective in yogurt, cheese and other fermented milk products, as well as dairy beverages. The key to developing probiotic products is a Direct Liquid Inoculation System, which allows food producers to add the probiotic bacteria directly to the finished food product. In a standard production run, heat treatment of the beverage would kill the live probiotic bacteria. With the company's Inoculation solution, the healthy bacteria can be added to the milk or juice after treatment in a closed and sanitary system.

Chr. Hansen, Inc.

Side bar: Chicory Root Helps Fight Obesity

A new pilot study in humans has demonstrated that Beneo™ oligofructose, a prebiotic ingredient from the chicory root, can act as a trigger limiting hunger feeling and energy intake. Research in animal models previously found that metabolites originating from the fermentation of Beneo oligofructose in the colon are likely to be involved in the mechanism. Oligofructose fermentation modulates the release of gut hormones in the blood, which act as signalling agents to the brain influencing appetite and ultimately food intake.

The global rise in obesity and its economic impact on health care budgets spurred the food industry to develop new approaches to lower the obesity burden. ORAFTI's prebiotic ingredients offer another approach to the weight loss dilemma.

BeneoP95 and BeneoSynergy1 have been shown to modulate food intake and body weight in animal models. These effects were accompanied by a lower body fat mass and a lower deposition of fat coming from high-fat diets that otherwise would have led to obesity. More recently, a trial of human volunteers confirmed BeneoP95 can enhance satiety as well as lower energy and food intake. BeneoP95 and BeneoSynergy1 could play a key role as a new tool to help fight obesity.

Dr. Anne Franck, executive v.p. of Science and Technology at ORAFTI, commented, "This research offers an interesting opportunity for food manufacturers. By using Beneo oligofructose to increase the satiety potential of their food products, food manufacturers can help consumers avoid overeating and take a bold position in tackling the obesity problem."

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