For the 6,294 food- and beverage-related companies that exhibited at the world's largest food fair-ANUGA-in Cologne, Germany, from October 8 to 12, the fair was an opportunity to establish contacts and conduct business with companies from every corner of the world.

Tirol Milch used ANUGA to debut Latella l.i.f.e., a whey drink claimed to help consumers control their weight.
For the 6,294 food- and beverage-related companies that exhibited at the world's largest food fair-ANUGA-in Cologne, Germany, from October 8 to 12, the fair was an opportunity to establish contacts and conduct business with companies from every corner of the world.

Just as Americans are in the midst of a health and wellness revolution, so is the rest of the industrialized world. Around the world, growing numbers of consumers are taking the initiative to personally implement their own preventive health care measures. In doing so, they also are turning to dairy products that offer additional benefits. "In the dairy business, the trend continues to be toward healthy products. Liquid dairy products, in particular, are in demand in Germany, especially probiotic drinks and whey," says Wolfram Hemmelmann, a dairy expert at ACNielsen, in describing the latest development in the dairy business. The "engine" driving this development is clearly the innovative strength displayed by the industry, which attracts new consumer groups with a host of new and further developed products.

Indeed, functional dairy products were very prevalent at ANUGA Dairy, one of 10 specialized halls under a single roof, where 319 dairy product marketers from 37 countries displayed their wares. Almost all of Europe's market leaders exhibited at ANUGA Dairy, alongside numerous leading companies from Eastern Europe and overseas. Just check out some of these innovations.

German's Zott GmbH & Co., rolled out Zott Jogolé Probiotik Drink. This low-fat, shot-style functional drink contains the Lactobacillus Casei Belactiva 3 strain.

Dairy desserts are big business in Europe and are slowly making their way into the U.S. market.
Germany's largest milk processor, Nordmilch eG, debuted new functional beverages under the Milram Vitality brand. Milram Vitality Milk + Fruit is a light mixed beverage with just 0.4% fat, and is a balanced combination of milk and fruit juice. Enriched with a touch of whey, the wholesome drink is available in four fruity varieties: Apple, Pink Grapefruit, Multi-vitamins and Orange-Mango. Milram Vitality Sport with L-Carnitine is an isotonic whey-based beverage for all those who enjoy exercise. The calorie-reduced drink with only 0.04% fat is distinguished by the addition of the body's own vitamin-like substance L-Carnitine, which supports fat metabolism in the cells. The light drink is available in the flavors "Red" and "Green." The Milram Vitality Whey + Tea Drinks also have only 0.04 % fat and are reduced-sugar. Flavors include Green Tea with Papaya-Mango, Lemon and Peach.

Tirol Milch of Austria markets an extensive line of whey-based beverages under the Latella brand. Combined with fruit juice, the company says that the whey makes Latella into a valuable natural product that can make a real contribution to healthy living. It contains all of the constituents of milk and is almost fat free. The high mineral content and the important vitamins, along with the natural lactose, positions Latella as a delicious fitness drink. The Latella "plus" brand also contains ginseng and balm extracts for added wellness benefits. Under the Latella "fresh" brand, the company markets a range of refreshing beverages based on fruit juice, whey and tea extracts.

The big ANUGA announcement from Tirol Milch was the roll out of Latella l.i.f.e., which is marketed as a whey drink that helps consumers control their weight. The beverage is said to slow down the process of insulin release in the body, and supports the body's fat-burning process.

Contacts are made and products are sold at ANUGA. There were more than 160 exhibiting U.S. companies at this year's fair, along with thousands of Americans shopping the global marketplace.
Another trend theme at the fair was convenience. For example, the Italian company Dalter Alimentari Spa, a leader in fresh grated cheese innovations, introduced Parmi Grated and Parmi Petals. Special containers enable consumers to grate or slice (petals) fresh Parmesan Reggiano cheese and store the cheese in the same container. Fanciful sliced petals of cheese are also available in careful packaging to prevent breakage.

Finnish Cheese Company adds new flavors to its Silva branded cheese spread range. Sold in glass jars, which can be later used as drinking glasses, new flavors include Wasabi and Reindeer. That's correct, reindeer. Exotic game flavors are very common in Finland. In fact, the company already has Bear, Moose and Wild Boar cheese spreads in the Silva range.

Tirol Milch introduced its version of cheese steak: KäseSteak. These are no-melt cheese patties, plain or with seasonings, that are suitable for grilling.

Germany's Bergader Privatkaserei GmbH debuted an adult on-the-go snacking cheese: KäseBrot, which is a slice of whole meal bread and fine alpine cheese. The single-serve packages are merchandised in attractive trays to encourage impulse purchases.

Dairy marketing is more dramatic overseas, where milk, yogurt and cheese are positioned as the cream-of-the-crop.
The indulgence trend, too, was quite prevalent at ANUGA, particularly in the chilled dessert sector. For example, Germany's Dr. Oetker launched a seasonal range of the company's popular chilled creamy desserts such as Wölkchen Christmas flavor with sweet cream. There's also a new chocolate quark with chocolate flakes.

Zott GmbH added decadent dessert flavors to its cup yogurt line, including apple-cinnamon-caramel and chocolate-almond.

AKC Belgium is combining decadent Belgian chocolate with fresh cheese to make a cream cheese dessert spread. What is very unique is that it also contains prebiotic fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

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