A new premium frozen dessert packed full of whey proteins along with other healthful goodies shows that whey is not for athletes only.

Whey Cool Frozen Desserts take the guilt out of indulging. Products are currently sold exclusively at Whey Cool Cafes, which are opening up around the country. The products are 99% lactose free. Compared to premium ice cream averages, Whey Cool Frozen Desserts contain 93% less sugar and saturated fat, 90% less cholesterol, 76% less net carbohydrates and total fat, 46% less calories and 300% more protein.

"The patent-pending dessert formulas are the result of years of research," says Whey Cool founder D J Anderson. "Besides being purchased for immediate consumption at the cafes, many of our customers buy product to take home. It's also available for commercial distribution to hospitals, nursing homes and health food stores."

Whey Cool Frozen Desserts are made from all-natural ingredients, and include omega-3 fatty acids, high-density lipids, branched chain amino acids, glutamine peptides and acetycholine, ingredients all recognized for specific healthful benefits.

"Whey Cool represents a major step forward in creating healthy desserts and sending a message to consumers that whey products can be very beneficial to our health," says Jim Page, CEO, American Dairy Products Institute.

For more information, visit www.whey-cool.com.