The Cheese & Dairy Industry's Most Relied-Upon Packaging Resource

Thanks to advances in material science, cheese and dairy products are being enjoyed in a growing array of new packaging formats. And Curwood is at the forefront.

As one of the world's leading providers of high-performance cheese and dairy packaging, Curwood continues to innovate with materials that provide trouble-free machinability, superior barrier protection, extended shelf life and maximum consumer appeal.

From cheese-making pouches to deli-displayed shrink bags to individually-portioned packs for retail, Curwood offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of cheese and dairy packaging products and technologies.

Begin with Better Barrier

Visual appeal, tempting flavor, distinctive aroma and appetizing texture: protecting and preserving these critical attributes begins with high-performance barrier.

Curwood's sophisticated multilayer structures meet the challenges of oxygen, moisture, cheese oils, outgassing and seal contamination-just some of the typical issues processors face. The company's advanced material technologies control leaks, bloating, abrasion and stress cracks through extended distribution cycles. All, while controlling product waste and returns.

Build on Product Appeal

With Curwood, processors find material advances that create instant case appeal. Technologies include shrink bags that offer 360-degree Surround® print technology; puncture-resistant ICE® forming films that provide a crystal-clear product view; and coextruded laminations that allow carbon dioxide-producing varieties to breathe.

Top It Off with Convenience

Make it quick. Make it easy. Make it open, seal and store. With Curwood convenience features, processors can demand-and get-more function from their cheese packaging:

  • New LIFT & PEEL Shrink Bag Tabs allow consumers to easily lift and peel the film away from cheese without knife or scissors.
  • EZ Peel® Open/Reseal Feature can be applied under a wide temperature window, seals through contamination and offers customized peel strength.
  • Directional Tear Systems make it a zip for consumers to open and reclose packages that feature zippers and sliders.

Market-Driven Capabilities from the Categorical Leader

Since 1958, Curwood has worked hand in hand with leading cheese and dairy processors and packaging equipment suppliers. These strategic partnerships have created innovation across all segments of the industry. Some examples:

  • Block Cheese: From blocks to barrel liners, Curwood has proven materials technology for short- and long-hold cheese applications.
  • Institutional & Food Service: High-barrier rollstock stands up to heavy product loads and unforgiving distribution cycles.
  • Natural Chunks & Slices: Curpolene® films offer excellent machinability with superior heat resistance and stiffness, providing controlled drawdown to keep slices from knitting together.
  • Overwrap for Processed Slices: Ultra-thin, lightweight, machinable overwrap film is an economical performer for flow wrappers.
  • Shredded Cheese: High-performance rollstock provides outstanding oxygen, moisture and flavor barrier, while sealing through fines and eliminating haze.
  • Shrink Bag Packaging: Form-fitting Clear-Tite® bags offer excellent sealing performance and exceptional abuse resistance.
  • Specialty Cheese & Dairy: Curwood keeps pace with packaging for growing specialty applications, from gourmet varieties to hot- and cold-filled spreads.
  • String Cheese & Snack Packs: Tough, high-barrier films keep cheese fresh and flavorful for everything from single-serve packs to multi-portion deli shrink packages.
  • Yogurt & Sour Cream: From easy-open single-serve stick packs to thermoformed cups with EZ Peel® lids, Curwood packaging is helping revitalize dairy categories.

Products for a Competitive Advantage

With Curwood, processors find the industry's greatest breadth of packaging products to help them compete and win at point of sale. Contact Curwood to learn about the company's portfolio of products, or to discuss a customized solution.

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