The year was 1978 and the world was undergoing a serious vanilla shortage. Reacting to the escalating vanilla bean prices, David Michael & Co., faced the shortage head-on and developed Vanguard[r].

Vanguard is an all natural, non-characterizing flavor designed for use in ice cream mix. A forerunner of today's masking flavor technologies, Vanguard provides the same functionality in ice cream mix as a masking agent would in a soy beverage, covering the undesirable tastes of such things as soy, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients have a flavor of their own, which can often conflict with the specific vanilla flavor being used. The use of Vanguard enables the vanilla flavor to come through in ice cream mix. Accordingly, significant reductions can be achieved in the usage level of vanilla since there is no longer a need to over-compensate for the mix ingredients.

Vanguard is recommended for use in Category I and II ice cream. It can replace pure vanilla, typically at a rate of 30-45%. The mix composition and the current use level of vanilla dictates the exact amount of reduction. Regarding labeling, Vanguard is simply labeled "natural flavor" in the proper order of predominance in the ingredient statement. No change is required in the principle display panel.

Vanguard took the industry by storm in 1978, and now, more than 25 years later, it continues to be a winning solution to not only the current vanilla crisis, but to many everyday formulating needs.

David Michael & Co.