Olive Garden Grilled Chicken Parmesan dairyfoods.com Darden Concepts’ Olive Garden restaurant chain introduces two dishes made with Parmesan cheese in this week’s free-standing inserts. Under the headline, “New! Passion For Parmesan,” the restaurant chain features a plate of Grilled Chicken Parmesan and Parmesan Crusted Shrimp.

Ken’s Food promotes the restaurant roots of its Ken’s Steak House salad dressings, including Creamy Caesar and Chunky Blue Cheese. The FSI includes a pasta-and-vegetable recipe that calls for one-half cup of crumbled feta cheese.

In other activity this week:

  • Wordwide Sport Nutritional Supplements offers savings on its Pure Protein powders, drinks and bars made with whey protein.
  • General Mills touts the taste and flavors of its Yoplait yogurts, including lactose-free SKUs and coconut, blueberry and cherry pomegranate Greek yogurt sold in multipacks.

Ken Steak House chunky blue cheese dressing dairyfoods.com