Fashion meets food thanks to designer Karl Lagerfield's recent video montages, says executive editor Marina Mayer. Read on to find out how actress Rachel Bilson is helping launch Magnum ice cream bars in the United States.

Actress Rachel Bilson Helps Launch Magnum Ice Cream in the U.S.

To many Americans, Rachel Bilson is known as Summer Roberts from The O.C. (may that series rest in peace). But to the folks in the UK, she’s the Magnum ice cream girl.

That’s because designer Karl Lagerfeld appointed Bilson as the star in his three short video montages to help launch Magnum ice cream bars in the United States. The advertisements debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, April 20-May 1, in Manhattan.

In the first montage, titled “Photo Mood,” Bilson plays an irritated model who seeks reprieve from the entourage of stylists and makeup artists with a Magnum bar. In “Applause,” Bilson stars as a world-renowned prima ballerina who hides from the over-zealous throng of fans by diving into a Magnum ice cream bar. In the third video, “Art Class,” she plays an art student who is obsessed with Magnum ice cream bars, thus helping her create beautiful works of art.

Although Magnum is a leading brand in the UK, it’s fairly unrecognizable in the United States-that is until Bilson was found devouring these premium bars on camera. Produced by Unilever, the Netherlands, Magnum ice cream bars are crafted of silky vanilla bean or rich, chocolate ice cream with thick, crackling Belgian chocolate, available in Classic, Almond, Double Caramel, Double Chocolate, White and Dark flavors.

Magnum ice creams are became available in U.S. grocery retailers nationwide beginning in April. They come in 3-count multipacks with a suggested retail price of $3.99 or individually for $2.59.

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