Rich Products introduces its On Top Oat Milk Topping Portfolio, which the company states satisfies growing consumer and restaurant operator demands for non-dairy options, customization, and Instagrammable drinks and desserts.

These are ideal solutions for made-to-order (MTO) beverage programs looking to offer delicious plant-based options. According to Rich Products, On Top Oat Milk Topping Portfolio is the industry’s first plant-based cold foam, adding a mouthwatering visual appeal to hot and cold beverages, such as coffee, smoothies, and sodas.

The plant-based whipped topping has a superior stability to easily mix, fill, layer, or top customizable creations. Both toppings feature sustainably sourced whole grain oat milk as the hero ingredient and are simple for restaurant operators to use, requiring no special equipment, stated the company.

“Rich’s On Top Oat Milk Topping Portfolio is the ideal solution for restaurants looking to satisfy consumers seeking delicious plant- based, non-dairy options – especially the Gen-Z and Millennial demographic,” explained Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager – Rich Products. “On Top Oat Milk Soft Whip and On Top® Oat Milk Whipped Topping make it easy for operators to create unique, made-to-order, plant-based menu items that will generate excitement and drive sales.”

On Top Oat Milk Soft Whip is a creamy, pourable foam indulgence with the added appeal of plant-based ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors. It meets Rich’s Superior Clean Label standard and has none of the Big 9 allergens.

Featuring whole grain oats as the hero ingredient, Oat Milk Soft Whip has a light texture, subtle vanilla flavor and superior stability that outperforms the competition. It is easily customized, perfect for layering and incorporating into various menu items such as cold brews, teas, sodas, smoothies, and energy drinks. Its shelf life is 365 days frozen, 14 days refrigerated.

With this new addition, now the On Top Oat Milk Topping Portfolio includes six options to satisfy every sweet tooth: oat milk, original, chocolate, mallow, sugar-free, and made with cream, which combines dairy and non-dairy ingredients. These indulgent toppings are ideal for restaurants looking to customize beverages, parfaits, and other desserts.