Bubbies Ice Cream announced the addition of a new mochi flavor to its lineup: Mocha Chip. Available just in time to be the sweet treat of the summer, shoppers can find Mocha Chip at Whole Foods nationwide and additional retailers.

The Mocha Chip flavor offers a twist on the traditional coffee ice cream scoop (or morning coffee) as a mindfully indulgent handheld treat. It's made by wrapping creamy coffee ice cream that's packed with chocolate chips in chocolate mochi dough. With only 90 calories per piece, Bubbies' Mocha Chip Mochi Ice Cream provides a better-for-you way to satisfy even the toughest sweet tooth and promises to energize any summer activity, too.

"We can't wait to transport consumers to ice cream paradise with our latest flavor release," said Katie Cline, Vice President of Marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream. "Mocha Chip is an extension of our promise to offer a better-for-you ice cream experience that is on-trend and excites customers. We're excited to introduce Mocha Chip as we head into peak ice cream season so ice cream and coffee lovers alike can enjoy all summer and beyond!"

The super-premium coffee ice cream is made with a unique coffee blend that includes Kona Coffee, which is farmed and processed in the Kona Coffee Belt on Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. This sourcing offers a deeper connection to Bubbies Ice Cream since the brand started off as an ice cream shop on the island of Oahu in 1985.