Nestlé USA, Arlington, Va., launched a line of coffee-flavored creamers called Unlocked by Coffee-mate. Inspired by the unique characteristics of various coffee blends, Unlocked by Coffee-mate cuts any bitterness of traditional black coffee, while adding a creamy richness and the taste of a gourmet roast, Nestle said.  

According to the company, Unlocked by Coffee-mate comes in two flavors: Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso Roast. Classic Colombian brings the comforting taste of a full-bodied medium roast. It features flavors of richly roasted beans and bright, fruity notes — combined with creamer richness — create a coffee shop-level experience at home. The Italian Espresso Roast has subtle notes of cocoa, smoky aromatics and a creamy texture.

Nestlé said Unlocked will be sold nationwide beginning in January 2021. The offerings come in 32-ounce bottles; they have a suggested retail price of $3.79.