Nutpods, a brand of Bellevue, Wash.-based Green Grass Foods Inc., said it introduced a new refrigerated product line: zero sugar oat “creamer.” The line includes two refrigerated flavors, Original and Cinnamon Swirl, which follow a successful online-only launch of shelf-stable Original and French Vanilla oat “creamers.” Nutpods’ chilled oat lineup will launch in the coming months at Sprouts, Whole Foods Markets and Fresh Thyme.

“We knew that oat as a base ingredient would be a great complement to our nut-based ‘creamers,’ with its neutral taste and incredible frothability. It has grown even faster than we anticipated,” said Madeline Haydon, founder & CEO. “While retailers have slowed resets due to COVID-19, they are still excited about the growth and potential of oat ‘creamers,’” she added.

These products also are the company’s first appearance of a new carton format: 16-ounce combidome packaging from SIG Combibloc Group. Consumers will also start seeing the company’s core line of refrigerated almond/coconut blend ‘creamers’ in this new packaging starting this month, Nutpods said. The new artwork reflects a modernization of the brand’s look, maintaining its iconic green logo but introducing brighter color blocks and simplified messaging. 

“We hope that our new look helps us stand out on shelf and clearly explains that we are a diverse line of delicious and zero-sugar, dairy-free creamers,” said Patrick Coyle, vice president of marketing.