Darigold Inc. said it will substantially expand its global customer service and long-term commitment to growth in international markets. The company is creating an overseas sales, service and distribution network to strengthen its valued international relationships. So far, the Seattle-based cooperative has opened offices in Mexico City, Singapore and Shanghai; it expects to expand to more countries soon.

Darigold projects it will grow from serving roughly 20 countries today to serve 40 or more countries in the near future. The company said it will also offer deeper product customization capabilities, along with solutions tailored for customer and country-specific needs. More than 40% of Darigold farm milk production goes into export products today, and Darigold expects that to surpass 50% in coming years, in addition to overall farm production growth.

While Darigold will maintain its headquarters in Seattle, it said it is hiring employees overseas to support the development and expansion of its international network to connect Northwest dairy to the rest of the world.

“We are excited to expand with new in-house international capabilities and better serve our customers worldwide through a direct network,” said Stan Ryan, Darigold president and CEO. “With an expanded global team, Darigold can fully realize the potential of providing Northwest dairy products’ unique sustainability, quality, nutrition and taste to the world.”