ProYo, Santa Barbara, Calif., said its ProYo brand ice cream will be getting a new brand name: Swell. The new name aims to address a couple of marketplace challenges the company faced.

After conducting an in-depth consumer study, the company said it learned two things were keeping it from connecting to frequent category shoppers, including the ProYo name and packaging. Some consumers were confused by the name ProYo, wondering if it referred to ice cream, frozen yogurt or a frozen novelty. Others felt that the bold black packaging and oversized protein callout on the front of the package resonated predominantly with men.

Frequent shoppers of the better-for-you ice cream category are looking for the best-tasting premium option that also delivers on clean ingredients and lower levels of calories, sugar and fat, the company noted. ProYo saw a clear opportunity to better communicate the product’s leading points of difference.

The new package features a clean oceanic blue package designed to pop on shelf next to the competition. The front of the packaging calls out points of differentiation such as high protein, lower sugar and 120 calories per serving in a way that will resonate with both female and male buyers, the company noted. Additionally, to meet demands for indulgent flavors with inclusions, each flavor is communicated with a photographed single scoop and color-blocked front-of-pack flavor names and lids.

ProYo said the ingredients and formulations of the ice creams will not change. With the rebrand, the company is launching two new flavors that meet consumer demands for higher levels of inclusions — chocolate chip cookie batter and cookies ‘n Ccream. Only one flavor will be discontinued - Blueberry Pomegranate.

The new flavors and packaging will start to hit shelves in late May at existing and new retail locations. All flavors of Swell ice cream will come in a 14-ounce container offering three and a half servings, the company noted.