Arthur Schuman Inc. is celebrating its 70th anniversary by introducing a new name and a new brand. The Fairfield, N.J.-based maker of Italian-style cheeses is now known as Schuman Cheese.  
At the Summer Fancy Food Show, which starts June 26 in New York City, Schuman Cheese introduced Yellow Door Creamery, a new brand that complements Schuman’s flagship brand, Cello. The company said Yellow Door will offer the company “a platform for experimentation.” The cheeses are made in the company’s plant in Wisconsin.
“By taking an experimental approach to a traditional category, Yellow Door Creamery leads with an off-the-beaten path and optimistic approach to cheese making,” said Allison Schuman, a fourth-generation family member with an active role in product innovation.
Arthur Schuman founded the company in 1945 and incorporated it a year later.
“Seventy years of operations brings growth, and it brings change,” said Neal Schuman, Arthur’s grandson and the current CEO. “First and foremost, our new brand honors our proud history and the dedicated employees who have helped make my grandfather’s dream a reality. At the same time, it underscores our innovative and forward-thinking spirit and helps ensure we are poised to keep building on that momentum.” 
Neal Schuman has been an advocate for truth-in-labeling of grated Parmesan cheese. In his 2015 guest blog for, he wrote: "In a recent random sampling of dry grated cheeses for sale at retailers in Wisconsin, we found “Parmesan” canisters that had more than 25% cellulose in them, and others that were two-thirds carbohydrates. And according to recent tests, this problem is even more pronounced in the foodservice and ingredient channels.
"As the category leader, we feel a responsibility to address this condition. It’s fraud and it’s illegal. And it’s undermining the market for real cheese. Consumers aren’t getting the great taste that they should, and true cheese makers like ASI and many others, are losing business to mislabeled and misrepresented products."

Yellow Door Creamery makes blue cheeses

A series of hand-rubbed Fontinas are among the first Yellow Door Creamery products. The Habanero & Lime has already earned acclaim from judges in competition. Also part of the rollout are a pair of blue cheese products under Yellow Door Creamery’s Brilliant Blue brand, including crumbles and sliceable individual servings.
These new products are being exhibited at the Summer Fancy Food Show, along with Cello Whisps, a baked snack made from Parmesan or Cheddar cheese. 
Schuman Cheese sells to major retailers and small specialty cheese shops, restaurants and large national food companies.