Brookfield Engineering offers the new TA-CEF Cheese Extensibility Fixture for use with the CT3 Texture Analyzer. This fixture is specifically designed to measure the stringiness of molten cheese. The TA-CEF is a valuable tool for manufacturers who produce cheese related products and also for academic institutions researching cheese products.

The cheese is heated to a specified temperature and the probe is immersed in the sample container. 
The CT3 Texture Analyzer then tests the stringiness of the sample by measuring the force required to withdraw the probe and recording the breaking point of the cheese.

Brookfield offers many fixtures and probes designed for testing the physical properties of a wide variety of food products and is constantly developing new accessories in response to specific customer needs.

Brookfield’s CT3 Texture Analyzer is the best value in a stand-alone instrument for physical testing of food items. It combines simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operates in both compression and tension modes.

TexturePro CT software enables the operator to automate their test procedures and generate valuable analytical data for record keeping and comparison to established benchmarks.

For additional information about Brookfield’s CT3 Texture Analyzer and the TA-CEF Cheese Extensibility Fixture, visit or call 800.628.8139 or 508.946.6200.