Ryan Systems Inc., a leading tester of temperature and environmental parameter monitoring solutions in the cold-chain, life science, and food safety fields, announces the release of Emerald™, a wireless temperature tracker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Slightly larger than a wristwatch; Emerald monitors temperature-sensitive goods during transit and in storage. Emerald stores up to 4,000 temperature readings and does not require any dedicated computer equipment or complex installations. The EmeraldView™ application for smartphone connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to program Emerald devices, view data, and optionally upload the information –including geo location information provided by the smartphone –to the Cloud, where authorized parties can check the latest status in just a few seconds.

Dr. John Ryan, retired quality assurance administrator for Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture and president of Ryan Systems, Inc. says “We have been searching for the past several years for a breakthrough product that can provide low cost real-time temperature monitoring for products during transportation processes.  Emerald requires no infrastructure or expensive technical support and is easy to install and use.

Emerald solves most of the long-standing temperature monitoring and traceability challenges for the cold-chain industry. With temperature-sensitive goods transported by many different means, notably in trucks, airplanes, and refrigerated containers of all kinds, it is difficult to track temperature conditions and have access to the information during transit. Emerald leverages today’s widespread use of smartphones to read temperature data and push it to the Cloud. This provides a point-by-point tracking solution similar to those offered by national and international shipping services, without any heavy infrastructure or dedicated equipment.”

The 2 inch in diameter Emerald supports temperature ranges up to -40°C to +85°C (or F) and integrates Bluetooth Smart technology for low-power devices. The battery is replaceable and Emerald is remotely configured, includes alert capabilities and includes a free app download.  Start and stop and read interval times are remotely set. The product is currently shipping to customers and is available through Ryan’s cold chain certification division at TransCert.com.  At a low introductory price, the product is offered to Dairy Foods Magazine readers at a 10% savings until the end of 2015 and comes with a 1 year guarantee.  Cloud data storage is optional.

Read more:  http://www.sanitarycoldchain.com/emerald.html or request an Emerald brochure.

About Ryan Systems, Inc.

 Ryan Systems (http://www.RyanSystems.com) provides real world quality control testing for technology providers to the transportation sector and for the companies that depend on traceable and controlled transportation services.  The company’s TransCert division (http://www.TransCert.com) specializes in cold chain food safety and quality compliance and delivery control.  TransCert services include training and certifying supply chain clients who are dedicated to guaranteeing the safety and quality of delivered products.