gea niro soaviGEA Niro Soavi, the leader in high pressure homogenization, offers highly customized Pharma Skid homogenizers, which are able to meet all the fundamental requirements of hygienic design and quality. The company’s experience in food and beverage applications enables technical support in the preparation of a full documentation package for certification in the selection of the right component materials (FDA approved gasket and 3A certified materials).

The Pharma Skid homogenizer is the perfect solution for the micronization of healthy food, medical nutritional products, dairy products and juices. It provides a much more stable product, with a better shelf life, and it also reduces the use of additives and helps manufacturers to optimize the composition of products.

GEA Niro Soavi’s Pharma Skid homogenizers allow for a wide range of applications up to 1500 bar. This high pressure homogenization, which allows cell breakage, guarantees the control and the repeatability of results with no biological risks. GEA Niro Soavi homogenizers carry out recirculation in a safe and cost effective manner with less product being discarded.

About GEA Niro Soavi

GEA Niro Soavi is the global technology and market leader for high pressure pumps and homogenizers. Established in 1947 and part of the GEA Group – one of the leading engineering companies worldwide – GEA Niro Soavi maintains its leadership position through product innovation, reliability and local presence in order to satisfy customer expectations.

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