Santa’s in his workshop at the North Pole
 Elves load his sled with toys, getting ready to roll.
Twelve months have passed, this year is almost done.
Let’s review events and people who made 2013 so much fun.
We learnt a new word: “twerking” (thanks Miley luv).
And directed our own curse words at Healthcare dot gov.
With great grandson George, Queen Liz made the news again,
As well as Francis, new Pope in the Vatican.
Milk sales still fall, what is a processor to do? 
But turn to those partners who come to the rescue.
Coffee drinks they do help milk, we all know that, eh?
No better-named friend hath dairy than Bob Good-latte.
With like-minded congressmen he shaped the farm bill
That was debated all year on Capitol Hill.
On the road we went to visit dairy makers,
Dropping in on Rhino Foods, the cookie dough baker.
Then to Simona and Guido, a pair from Italia
Who make gelato in Florida, close to Alabam-i-a.
Brothers Doug and Steve Feldkamp in Roseburg, Oregon
Make quality dairy; they are a paragon.
It hit the mother lode, did cheesemaker Klondike
With a new Greek yogurt that everyone does like.
The Bennetts rule Portland (Maine, not the other one).
They are dairy royalty who work hard but have fun.
Top-notch cottage cheese comes from Westby Cooperative.
The farmers take pride in Wisconsin, that’s where they live.
Oscars, Emmys, Grammys are some honors that please.
Dairy Foods gave laurels to many companies.
HP Hood is a business John Kaneb holds dear.
Our journal named his firm Processor of the Year.
John also received on his doorstep a box.
Inside was a trophy won by his Red Sox. 
Bel Brands from Wisconsin is our Plant of the Year.
It makes the cheese logs that bring us good cheer.
Agri-Mark from the Bay State deserves our applause.
Why you ask? It’s Exporter of the Year, that’s because.
This country’s best cheese is made by M. Penterman.
The Dutch woman’s product was named grand champion.
Bright students from Penn State, the industry’s next gen,
Won notice for a pastry they dubbed the Mooofin.
In this test by the Dairy Research Institute
Fans of Iowa State, Ohio State also did root.
In the boardroom we saw the changing of the guard.
With iambs and feet, I’ll play the role of the bard.
“Louie Louie”— a Kingsmen’s tune. You remember.
Lou and Louie are father, son at Sargento.
The dad said “me gotta go now” in December
And son has moved up to become the CEO.
Another change in the corner office, oh my,
Was the retirement of Turkey Hill’s Quinton Frey.
Amid the year’s joy we note with much sadness
The passing of dairy industry greatness.
Tip Tipton who was born in the state of Missouri
For many years guided and led IDFA did he.
Beloved Henry Randolph insisted on quality
He passed in July, leaving quite a legacy.
Milk plants today run tests bearing his name,
But he was a modest man who never sought fame.
I’ll wind up this missive to tend to my shopping
And caroling and baking and Champagne cork popping.
To processors, producers and those in between
Much success and innovation in Twenty Fourteen.