IDFInternational Dehydrated Foods, Inc. (IDF™), a global leader in IDF® poultry ingredients, is continuing to bring chicken to the forefront of the industry through innovative health and wellness applications that the company will feature at SupplySide West.

Stephanie Lynch, Vice President of IDF’s Market, Sales, and Research and Development, is developing a new line of poultry based ingredients targeting sports nutrition and health and wellness applications. Prior to IDF, Lynch was the Global Market Manager for Dow Chemical’s Food and Nutrition Business, and was based in Zurich. During her time at Dow, Lynch led their food business in a strategic shift, which focused on the health and weight management benefitsof its dietary fibers, and launched Dow’s SATISFIT™ Weight Care Technology.

“With her global market knowledge of the health and wellness sector and technical prowess, Stephanie has generated at IDF an exciting new R&D pipeline and launched two new IDF products, a high-protein meat powder and collagen-rich broth powder. Both products are getting traction with fast moving companies that plan to commercialize new products in 2014,” IDF President Mike Gerke said.

Lynch plans to continue to expand the company’s offering of natural, real food ingredients superior in nutritional quality for demanding sports nutrition and health and wellness applications. New and exciting preliminary research offers promising benefits for the aging population, which can be discussed under confidentiality.

At SupplySide West, IDF will offer samples of a protein smoothie made with its high-protein chicken powder. IDF’s new offering is causing a buzz among application manufacturers as the company positions its proteins as being able to support allergen-free claims and a “flavor-neutral” ingredient without bitter or a lingering aftertaste, as compared to competitive protein ingredients soy and whey.

“Our smoothies provide the nutritional and functional benefits of high quality protein as well as chondroitin and collagen, and they taste delicious,” Lynch said.

To experience IDF’s high-protein chicken powder smoothie firsthand, visit IDF booth 31020 at SupplySide West, November 14-15 in Las Vegas.


IDF® is a family-owned company in its 31st year of providing foundational, poultry-based ingredients in the form of High-Protein and Meat Powder, Concentrated Broth, Extract and Fat. The company is supporting the development of trending applications, such as meal replacement drinks, sport nutrition and novel applications in soups and bars with its sustainable, natural ingredients.