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Rochester, NY — Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company, a world-class manufacturer of bimetal and digital thermometers, pressure sensors and instrumentation, and related accessories, today announced the introduction of the Check-Set™ IV Thermometer Calibration Systemfor the Dairy Industry.

The Tel-Tru Check-Set Series of Thermometer Calibrators provides accurate, unambiguous, and cost-effective calibration and accuracy verification for a wide range of thermometers and temperature measurement instruments. It is easy to use, reliable, accurate and compatible with a wide range of dial and digital thermometers, filled system bulbs and electronic temperature sensors. 

The new Check-Set IV Calibrator is optimized for compliance with the temperature instrument calibration and verification requirements of the dairy industry including milk, ice cream, and cheese processing plants.  Typical users include in-plant staff responsible for QA, food safety, HACCP compliance and instrument maintenance. Other users include field calibration contractors and regulatory agency personnel who inspect and certify these plants.

In operation the new Check-Set IV system provides a stable and accurate temperature environment within a test well into which the thermometer under test is inserted. The accuracy of thermal measurement devices can be determined quickly and accurately. 

Enjoy less plant down time due to faster and easier certification of temperature instruments:

  • No ice water, no ice buckets
  • No dangerous boiling water
  • Easy to carry throughout the plant
  • Probe inserts fit most probe sizes   

Convenient and safe to use, the Check-Set IV offers industry-leading accuracy of ±0.2°F and is specifically optimized for food and dairy applications, providing convenient switch-selectable testing at 40°F (cold food holding temperature), 150°F (clean-in-place return line temperature), 161°F (flash pasteurization of milk), and 175°F (flash pasteurization of ice cream, eggnog, frozen desserts, etc.). Multiple well inserts are available, making the new Check-Set IV series compatible with most stemmed dial and digital type thermometers. Custom temperature set points between 40°F and 200°F are available upon request.

 “The Tel-Tru name signifies accuracy in temperature and pressure measurement. For generations we have offered value, convenience, and accuracy in temperature measurement, and are pleased to continue the tradition with the new Check-Set IV calibration system,” stated Andy Germanow, President of Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company.

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