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Leading fruit and sweet flavor manufacturer, Blue Pacific Flavors, unveiled a number of new products and whole food ingredients sourced from California farms. The company demonstrated finished applications of its new Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors and PurePlant and SimplyOat plant-based ingredients portfolios at the IFT show in July.

Blue Pacific flavors logoBlue Pacific's Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors utilize natural fruit extractives and essences created through partnerships with local California growers and fruit juice processors. The line of natural flavors are based on analysis of unique heirloom fruit varietals to create authentic flavors that resemble the complex and diverse taste of fruits found in California farmers markets. The flavors are available as natural and certified Non GMO Project Verified products.

"Over the past few years we've learned a lot about what differentiates fruit flavor through our analysis of fresh whole fruit. We believe that local California family heirloom varietals of fruits have cultivars that offer complex genetic diversity that appears to be lost in today's conventionally grown fresh fruit," said Blue Pacific Flavors CEO Donald Wilkes. "These heirloom fruits have superior taste when compared to high yielding, disease resistant cultivated produce available at the grocery store. We harness the complexity of these heirloom fruits to create flavors that use less fruit juice and are resistant to seasonal supply volatility."

"Stress and dramatic climate changes can force a plant to produce unique compounds and antioxidants that can improve nutrient density and taste complexity. We create authentic fruit flavor by understanding how nature balances each fruit's unique acids, carbohydrates and minerals to define its flavor characteristics along with its aroma profile," Wilkes added.

The company's new line of plant-based ingredients includes its new PurePlant 100% trace plant minerals and whole grain oat paste flavor ingredients. PurePlant is a blend of plant derived colloidal minerals sourced from a 640-acre underground vegetate mine in the Southwest U.S. composed of an estimated 600 prehistoric plants that grew when the earth's top soil still possessed 80 to 100 minerals. Scientists believe this plant material accumulated during the Senonian period of 70 to 80 million years ago.

Senonian vegetate yields 75 hydrophilic plant-derived minerals that are water soluble, negatively charged and between 1,000 to 1,000,000 times smaller than metallic minerals that come directly from the earth, making them more soluble and effective than metallic minerals currently used in supplements or food and beverages. PurePlant is a self-affirmed GRAS product unsurpassed as a nutritional value enhancer in beverages, foods and supplements. It is available for exclusive finished product categories under a branded ingredient licensing program for beverage and food categories.

"During the processing of many fruits and vegetable products today, the most beneficial parts of the fruit peels, vegetable skins or cuttings are being discarded removing much of the nutrient density from reaching the consumer," said Wilkes. "We spent several years looking at plant based minerals and identified this unique vegetate derived plant mineral to provide a nutrient density solution and a clean label point of difference to food processors."

Blue Pacific Flavors will feature a line of products created with its SimplyOat whole oat paste for beverage, nutrition bars and snack food applications. SimplyOat meets consumer demands for more sustainable energy sources in beverages through fiber and plant-based nutrition.
The company showcased a number of finished flavor applications, some featuring its Zatiate natural flavor modifier for stevia-sweetened products at the IFT show, including:

  • Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors Harvest Red Peach Tea featuring non-GMO whole fruit red peach flavor (WONF) with PurePlant minerals
  • Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors Watermelon featuring Salba Chia seeds and whole fruit watermelon flavor (WONF) with PurePlant minerals
  • Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors Mango Agua Fresco featuring non-GMO whole fruit mango flavor (WONF) with PurePlant minerals
  • Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors Strawberry Rhubarb Agua Fresco featuring non-GMO whole fruit Strawberry Rhubarb flavor (WONF) with PurePlant minerals
  • Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors Light Pomegranate Water featuring non-GMO whole fruit pomegranate flavor (WONF) with Zatiate natural modifier for stevia
  • Old-Fashioned Non-Dairy Whole Grain Oat Milk featuring SimplyOat oat paste with PurePlant minerals
  • Sonoma Farms Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sorbet featuring natural cabernet sauvignon flavor and non-alcohol red wine base
  • Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar featuring SimplyFermented apple cider vinegar and natural whole fruit apple flavor with cinnamon extract
  • Ancient Grains Soft Fruits & Nuts Nutrition Bar featuring natural whole fruit cranberry flavor WONF and SimplyQuinoa powder with soft fruits inclusions

About Blue Pacific Flavors Inc.
Since 1993, Blue Pacific Flavors has been a leader in natural flavor creation combined with food and beverage application intellectual property solutions. The company's flavor capabilities range from creative development to new product development and duplication. Blue Pacific provides its customers an international spectrum of innovation, expertise and tradition for quality, service and value. Industries served include the food, beverage, dairy, plant based foods (non-dairy), bakery, confectionery, prepared food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary supplement sectors. The company uses only the finest natural raw materials available and manufactures all products under Kosher and Halal supervision, as well as GRAS and FEMA guidelines. Blue Pacific Flavors follows SQF, GMP and AIB guidelines and is in the process of certifying many of its flavors with Non-GMO Project Verified. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Blue Pacific Flavors