BASF Tonalin Woman FitnessBASF Nutrition & Health featured a Tonalin CLA “Power Mix” prototype developed to reduce body fat at this year’s IFT show.

The product targets the booming market looking for on-the-go convenience in an instant meal replacement beverage. The vanilla flavor provides health benefits along with great taste. Tonalin CLA is the most clinically tested CLA backed by 18 clinical studies, according to the company.

During IFT, BASF demonstrated how healthy and tasty can be synonymous. “BASF’s newly designed, interactive booth made it easy for IFT attendees to experience how we make Newtrition a reality,” said Samy Jandali, vice president, Nutrition & Health, BASF North America. The Newtrition brand was launched recently to better understand consumer needs and to use this knowledge in close partnership with customers to develop new, innovative solutions for the foods and beverages of tomorrow.