The Center for Food Safety & Regulatory Solutions (CFSRS) with Dairy Foods columnist Allen Sayler as the managing partner, is holding training workshops in early October.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Workshop: Oct. 1st - 2nd
(Mon. 1 p.m.- Tues. Noon CDT) @ Dairy Management, Inc., Rosemont, IL - $250 registration ($200 for each additional person from the same plant) - The Food Safety Modernization Act Workshop is for food processing corporate, plant management and supervisory staff with responsibilities for ensuring compliance with government food safety laws and regulations. The Workshop will address the fundament requirements of FSMA and provide details on how these requirements can be blended into existing plant food safety programs as well as provide model record forms and model operational programs that are intended to address specific FSMA requirements. Also will cover "Dos & Don'ts During an FDA Inspection/Investigation" Breakout sessions will allow attendees to modify model records forms and written operational programs to address specific plant programs.

CFSRS's Practical Implementation: HACCP & Preventative Measures Workshop: Oct 2nd - 3rd (Tues. 1 p.m.- Wed. 5 p.m. CDT) @ Dairy Management Inc., Rosemont, IL - $450 registration ($400 for each additional person from same plant)- The CFSRS HACCP & Preventative Measures Workshop is designed for food plant managers, supervisors, and food processing employees. This workshop is certified under the International HACCP Alliance
(IHA) and is designed to meet the training requirements established for the NCIMS Grade A HACCP program, USDA inspection program (FSIS), as well as the Food Safety Modernization Acts "preventative measures", and the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) Juice HACCP regulation. Attendees will be provided with a complete set of updated model HACCP forms and written programs that will be used during break-out sessions. These break-out sessions are intended to require attendees to immediately apply knowledge gained from speaker presentations. SQF and BRC HACCP training requirements are met by those attendees that successfully complete the Workshop and pass a written test.
Practical Implementation Strategies: Converting to the 7th edition of the SQF Code Workshop: Oct. 4th - 5th (Thurs. 8:30 a.m.- Friday 5 p.m.
CDT) @ Dairy Management Inc., Rosemont, IL - $650 registration ($600 for each additional person from same plant) - This Workshop is for food processing corporate and plant staff with or without SQF training or experience and food processing corporate plant staff with responsibilities for updating existing SQF programs to the new 7th Edition. Attendees are expected to have some working knowledge of HACCP. The course will prepare the participants to take the official "Implementing SQF Systems" online examination. Upon completion of the online exam, Certificates of Attainment can be immediately printed out on the SQFI website.