By Ampac

Ampac Inno-Lok packagingAmpac, the world’s leader in creative flexible packaging, announces the addition of Inno-Lok, a patented method of applying a reclosable zipper transversely to packaging films, as well as Pour & Lok, a foldable zipper applied to film in the side gusset area of a package.

The Inno-Lok technology is applied transversely to packaging films producing pre-zippered roll stock film which can be used in form, fill, seal packaging applications. When compared to conventional non-zippered films, Inno-Lok provides a pre-zippered roll stock solution with a reclosable feature while incurring no reductions in processing and filling speeds, no increase in scrap or set-up time and a savings of up to 25% in zipper material. This provides many enhancements for product sales by providing consumers with an easy-open and resealable feature for traditional “pillow” packages.

Inno-Lok will be offered on Ampac’s coextruded surface printed films and laminated films, for both barrier and non-barrier end uses. Common applications for Inno-Lok pre-zippered roll film include: frozen foods, fresh produce, dry foods, pet food, confections, and lawn and garden products. Ampac’s Inno-Lok pre-zippered roll film capabilities include traditional front panel Inno-Lok (thumb tab or pull tab openings), bag top, plus the unique Pour & Lok.

Pour & Lok is a foldable zipper applied to film in the side gusset area of the package creating a reclosable pour spout. This unique application is so innovative only three US companies, including Ampac, own this capability.

“Inno-Lok and Pour & Lok by Ampac are additional technologies that can add value to your customers and to their business.” states Millie Nuño, Ampac’s Market Manager for Foods. “The pre-zippered film offers a unique solution to many food formats. Ampac is pleased to provide both as potential innovative solutions to packaging design for our customers.”

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