CAIRO, Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Juhayna Food Industries is investing $ 1.15M into building a smarter computing infrastructure provided by IBM (NYSE: IBM). This move is designed to improve business flexibility and efficiency as the organization ramps up for growth in the years ahead.IBM logo

As one of Egypt's largest dairy and fruit juice producers, Juhayna supports a distinguished list of clients through its 26 distribution centers in Egypt. The company's substantial growth plans require it to transform its business model to support current and future expansion plans.

"Juhayna Food Industries group is keen to invest in technology to boost the company's efficiency and performance," said Seif El Din Thabet, Operations Director, Juhayna Food Industries.

The company first earmarked the use of technology to support growth in 2004, when it applied an SAP system to centrally manage critical business processes. Today, Juhayna is collaborating with IBM to build out the company's IT infrastructure to become agile and responsive to marketplace changes.

IBM is upgrading Juhayna's IT infrastructure to support the SAP ERP and CRM applications that it uses for Finance, Personnel Management, Materials Management, Production Planning, Quality Management and Sales & Distribution. The company will use IBM DB2 database software running on IBM Power Systems with the AIX operating system and IBM XIV Storage System in a fully virtualized environment using IBM PowerVM. The new IT infrastructure will enable Juhayna to enhance customer service and ensure business continuity with the more reliable computing platform.

"Juhayna Food Industries is effectively preparing for the future with an end-to-end development plan for its technology infrastructure," said Amr Talaat, General Manager, IBM Egypt. "IBM is pleased to play a fundamental role in their transformation strategy with our products and field expertise. "

"Our new IBM-based platform will provide Juhayna the reliability and scalability needed to manage our business's growth," said Ihab Naguib, IT Associate Director. "In addition, IBM's service has been exemplary – conducting a seamless migration of all our data within half the time we expected without any loss of information."

The agreement was signed in late 2011 and implementation was completed this year.

About Juhayna:
Juhayna Food Industries is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the manufacturing, packaging & distributing milk, yogurt, juices and fruit concentrates, it managed since its inception and to this day to enjoy the confidence of its consumers. Juhayna was founded in 1983 and presented a different concept in the food industry based on its sophisticated technology used in manufacturing, in an effort to provide an outstanding quality in the dairy and juice sectors. With a clear vision, continuous development and communication with customers, Juhayna was able to reach its consumers & gain their confidence and trust in her products. The company succeeded to create the most prevalent brand, Juhayna group is constantly working to achieve its goal which is to provide leading food for all ages and a companion for all generations.

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