By Unifiller Systems

Unifiller Systems Inc., Vancouver, Canada offer a range of Hopper Topper product transfer pumps that use a unique technology to elevate food products while maintaining its original integrity.Unifiller systems Hopper Topper
"The success of this system is that the machine is 'self priming' quick, efficient and most of all gentle on the product," says Stewart Macpherson, owner and V.P Sales and Marketing for Unifiller.
The air-operated pump is supplied with an infrared hopper level sensor that keeps the hopper level filled at a constant level, which in turn improves the depositing accuracy.
Macpherson adds, "Many of our customers tell us that our machines simply out performed other brands that they had previously used and the Hopper Topper proved to be very reliable in comparison, making the Hopper Topper the preferred choice."
The machine can pump all types of products, including liquid mixes.
Machine features include:
• Gentle pumping technology that is similar to hand scooping and maintains product integrity
• Ability to fill hoppers directly from the mixing bowl
• Automatic infrared sensor that maintains a constant hopper level which in turn increases deposit accuracy
• Ability to pump everything various viscosities - from smooth to chunky, thick to light, or liquid mixes — gentle and fast!
• A telescopic lifting mechanism of the PowerLift version

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Source: Unifiller