November 2004

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All the Right Ingredients

Focus Feature
- 2004 Editor's Choice Awards
- Good Stuff
Taste, innovation and grasp of trends mark our picks for the year’s best new products.

Special Report
- Western Regional Report
Western processors pack a punch.

Corporate Close-up
- Modest Proposal
- All the Right Ingredients
Passion of its people helps make Leprino Foods a winning company.

Plant Profile
- Lots and Lots of Mozz
Leprino’s Lemoore West plant stands as a symbol of quality and efficiency.

- The Big Cheese

- News Wire
- 2005 Dairy Forum ,Product & Promotion News and more...
- People on the Move
- ‘An Airtight Case’

Category Review
- High Hopes
Bolstered by the low-carb craze, cottage-cheese processors radiate optimism

Packaging Technology
- Bending to Pressure
In an increasingly competitive climate, flexible packaging innovations span dairy categories and formats.

Processing Technology
- To Market — Faster
Quality-assurance equipment helps dairy processors move product more efficiently.

Dairy R&D
- Beyond the Basics
Meeting the growing demand for robust cheeses relies on good milk, strong starters and quality flavors.
- R&D News
- Creators Briefs

New Products
- Tilla-mint™ Ice Cream , Single-ServeCottage Cheese and more...

Supplier’s Marketplace
- Supplier’s News
- Fiberglass Handles , Key Exchange Unit and more...
- In Demand

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